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Tue Jul 07

Illuilly Shampoo that alleviates concern for scalp odor, show its body care line

2019-07-25 09:37:47
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Illuilly announced the launch of the body care line, a sensual beauty brand that alleviates the scalp odor.

Illuilly Shampoo, allow you to choose among four different types depending on the scalp and hair condition, stimulated a young sensation and attracted attention at the same time with its sensuous packaging and product power; launching in yellow, green, purple and pink color. In addition, it was beloved by many consumers by releasing perfumes exclusive for scalp, hair essence and others that allow consumers to take care their scalp and hair in healthy way.

In addition to hair care products, the exclusive body care products also combine its brand’s unique sensibility and product strength. Body products that is known it’s refreshing sensation, moist and smooth with lemon and ginger extract, are composed of three kinds: body wash, body lotion and body essence. It is a perfect news for people who are concerning about summer body lotion. Also the body set product is perfect as a gift.

Meanwhile, in summer, we tend to look for body product with great scent since we can easily feel the dryness and discomfort after the shower due to continuing heat. The Illuilly body care line is constitute of refreshing and light type body cleanser, body lotion and body essence. It will be launch sometime in July.


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