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Exploring the charm of ‘People’s first love’

2019-08-01 09:01:53
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[by Na Yeon Joo] For anyone, first love remains a special memory. It’s a sad, or happy or shameful, unforgettable and strong memory. As there is a common belief that first love doesn’t come true, first love always dwells on the side of our hearts as it is unfinished.

Besides, the man’s first love is everlasting. Like this, everybody has such a precious and affectionate heart for the first love. When you see lovely and fresh stars with innocent and clear images, it reminds you of your first love in memory. Therefore, we analyzed the charms of stars who are expressed as ‘People’s First Love’

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young always give a bright image. Her face, with a fresh smile as well as innocence, is reminiscent of the first love in memory. She further cemented her image when she starred as the first love of male character in the film ‘Your Wedding’. Appealing her cute image with her baby face of white and clean skin and compact height, she recently showed chemistry with Ahn Hyo Seop, who is 29 centimeters taller than her, on tvN’s ‘Abyss’.

Another attraction is familiarity. Through her V LIVE channel, she communicated with fans by doing live broadcasts at home in her natural look. As a model for Goobne Chicken commercials, she has drawn attention from commercials as a lovely eating show. In ‘ Goobne Original’, she even smiled happily at the golden-brown chicken. When she says, “that’s why people bake chicken”, the advertisement impressively expressed the taste of oven-cooked chicken with its unique lively voice and various facial expressions, was worth attracting the attention of fans as well as consumers.

Jeong Chae Yeon

Jeong Chae Yeon, who has received the attention for her innocent beauty even among the seven members of DIA and the 11 members of I.O.I. White skin, innocent face, and long hair. It is enough to get the expression ‘people’s first love’. She is active by crossing music, acting, and entertainment. She starred as the first love of male character in ‘TO. JENNY’ and immediately joined to the rank of ‘people’s first love’ for her lead role in the Netflix drama ‘Because it is my first love for the first time’.

Another attraction is the cuteness. She, who has shown her cuteness without hiding through various broadcasting show, SNS, has posted numerous ‘the best cuteness ever’ videos on YouTube. Netizens, who saw it, admired for her looks, such as “Like Snow White”, “Jeong Chae Yeon has God-given face”, “Cute”, and “perfect”. (photo by tvN’s ‘Abyss’ official website, bnt News DB, Goobne chicken TV CF, V LIVE video of Park Bo Young, capture of the trailer of Netflix’s ‘Because it is my first love for the first time’, Jeong Chae Yeon’s Instagram)


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