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How to create nice and bright impression

2019-08-23 15:48:58
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[by Lee Hae Jeong] person with positive impression that makes people smile just by looking at that person is generally has beloved impression by many people.

There are many people who are struggling because of not only their old looking impression, but also a depressive looks; they puts so much effort to create nice and bright impression. If then, is there any way we can create a positive and bright impression? Let's look into the ways to create bright and sparkly impressions.

The first step to create a nice bright impression is creating a clear translucent skin Not only you have a constant color tone throughout the overall face without any dark sides, but also, clear shiny skin with no acne nor dark spot will make the overall impression better. It is one of the most important factor in determining favorable impression.

In order to make clean and clear skin, you need to put thorough effort from skincare to makeup. Not only using a product that has whiting function of overall skin tone, but also, use product that will make your skin look moisturize with its abundant moisture with whiting function that can soothe the skin tone while have enough cover power for the makeup.

The shiny eyes are also picked as one of the features that forms kind and bright impression along with the clear skin. Features like strong dark circles, under eye puffiness and wrinkles underneath the eyes can distract to create shiny eyes.

If you want to create kind and bright impression, make sure you give special care using eye line only products. Besides that, when you massage eyes to prevent wrinkles, it is good to give massage as soft as possible with almost no forces on your hands.

However since we can’t solve dark circle, saggy skin underneath the eyes and eye puffiness with just makeup and skincare, there are many people who are struggling in completing overall bright impression. In this case, lower eyelid surgery could be a solution.

JK Plastic Surgery’s director Kim Seong Sick (Plastic Surgeon) said “minor dark circle or saggy fat underneath the eyes can be somewhat modified with makeup or skin care. But, if the severity of saggy skin and puffy fat is serious and it is hard to fix with couple methods, it is hard to create bright impression. In this case, considering lower eyelid surgery could be a solution.”

In addition, lower eyelid surgery is anti-aging underneath the eye surgery that can help you to have younger looking underneath the eyes by improving saggy skin from aging, wrinkle and rearrangement of fat. Incision just under the eyelashes, pull the sagging skin and muscles, then remove and replace the bulging fat under the eyes at the same time. It is a surgery to remove and rearrange fat at once.

Director Kim Seong Sick said “As we get older, sagging and wrinkling skins around our eyes can prevent us from creating kind and bright impression. There are many patients from Korea and abroad who visit the hospital from listed issues. Since lower lid plastic surgery have to be taken care of while considering overall facial harmony, they should decide an appropriate surgery after having detail consultation with the specialist to prevent awkwardness.”

With its excellent track record in attracting foreign patients and gaining trust from them ,JK Plastic Surgery Center, received 2017 Medical Korea Excellent Institution for Foreign Patients Prime Minister Award; it has an anesthesia specialist reside 24/7 with 24 hours reside nursery system and have CPR(emergency respond) team. It is doing their best to be safe plastic surgery center. Also, it has operation room that qualifies US FED Standard 209D to prepare for any safety regarding situations (photo by JK plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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