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Catching up with the K-wave, what’s the signature K-Food?

2019-08-27 10:49:26
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Along with the K-POP trend, the new K-wave came as well. K-wave that started with drama and music is now going into overall Korean culture such as fashion, food and others. K-Food is becoming popular aligning with the trend. Not only Mukbang and cooking streaming contents spreading to the world through YouTube, but also the local food that took Korean’s pallet is spreading into the world. Thus, in order to catch up with the trendy new K-wave, you can’t miss the K-FOOD.

The fantastic combination, Fried Chicken and beer

People may have different tastes and preferences but they all talk differently in front of Friend Chicken. First, if you are a Korean, everyone loves Friend Chicken. Everyone become a one in front of Friend chicken since it is even hard to choose which flavor to eat because there are so many flavors and sauces. Also, Friend Chicken’s deadly charm is when it is paired with beer, it proves unforgettably fantastic taste. An abbreviation ‘Che-Mack’, short for ‘Chicken and Beer’ in Korean, is a universal word use by everyone.

Among them, Goobne Chicken is enjoying exceptional popularity that even cause an oven roasted chicken revolution in Korea. Goobne Chicken known as a signature K-FOOD you can enjoy anywhere since it has stores in Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. Its texture from crispy outside and moist inside is really hard to forget once you’ve tried. Its signature menu ‘Honey Mellow Chicken’ has a unique sweet honey mustard flavor by adding whole grain honey mustard specialty sauce. ‘Honey Curry Crisp Chicken’ makes you drool from its sweet and sour flavor that spread into the mouth once you take a bite. You will never be able to forget its umami texture and flavor that can only be found in oven roasted chicken; if you want to try ‘Che-Mack’, you have to try it.

‘Sweet and Salty’ Tteok-Boki

The Korean’s pallet is very sensitive and acute toward taste since there is a new word ‘Dan Chan (West and Salty in Korean)’. A word that explains our sentiment of wanting to eat salty food right after eating sweet food is ‘Dan Chan’. Tteok-Boki, a sweet and salty dish that can fulfill its needs in one bite, has a magic sauce that is sweet and spicy along with the rice cake. When you are eating chewy Teton-Boki it tends to leave sauces behind and this allow us to eat the sauce with various side menu. The signature side menus are tempura, sausages, fish cakes and others. Especially, when you eat the crispy tempura into Tteok-Boki sauce, you can finish 2 people portion in one sitting by yourself.  

Korean’s spicy taste, ‘Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen’

‘Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen’ that only spicy food manias could try at its early release days. It is an additive taste makes you eat continuously even though it makes your eyes and noses runny. The word on the street said that the various Muck-Bang contents through streaming channels intrigue people to challenge. Like this, it has become YouTubers Muck-Bang contents regardless of their nationalities. Piggy back on this, recently there are different types and flavors on the market besides original ‘Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen’; such as ‘Carbo Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen’ ‘Large Cup Curry Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen’, Cup Ramen and package ramen. These products ultimately lead to the launch of the spiciest Ramen in Korea, ‘Nuclear Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen’. (Photo by Goobne Chicken, Jaws Tteok-Bboki, Sam Yang Food official web page)


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