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Hot body ★s, How do they take care their body skin?

2019-08-28 15:09:54
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Stars who show off their glamorous and perfect body line. Stars who show off their elastic healthy beauty are getting attention with their perfect self-management. Systematical meal management and body line from working out are great; but, clean and smooth body skin is also important.

What are the secrets of stars, who got nothing to hide even in cool bikini outfits, body management? Something is special about stars body line that motivates our desire for diet every summer. Let’s get to know about Moon Ga Bi and Kim Hee Jeong, who show off their nice curves after the hard work body line management and their tanned skin.

> Moon Ga Bi

Moon Ga Bi, who is getting attention with her unique mask and western body line, boast her perfectly tanned body line. The secret to her perfect body line is exercising without under any stresses. She shared that her secret to her body line is constant 1-2 hours workout constitute of core, squat, bridge and others before going to sleep without lifting any weight.

She is also a winner of 2011 Miss World Bikini contest; since she doesn’t have a big hip and have straight waist, she had to put lots of effort to create line. She also said she manage her body without distinguishing in-season and out-season. Also, she hates empty stomach, she works out 2 hours everyone in order to maintain her body.

> Kim Hee Jeong

Kim Hee Jeong is showing a great image of young actor who grew up well through constant filmography. She said the secret to her elastic and tanned body is consistent workout and dance. She shared that she maintain her body line by dancing, biking and other cardio activity to eliminate while maintaining stamina. Since she likes dancing so much, when she goes to the practice studio, she sometimes dances 10 hours straight.

Also, at home she said she does whole body stretching through yoga postures when she has chances. She doesn’t do major dietary management; however, she drinks water frequently and avoid floury food to maintain healthy body line. Also she shared an unexpected Jody of enjoying bike.

>How do you do body care?

Having elastic body line through losing weights and diet is great but the most important thing to take away is that you have align body care together. Especially, acne and other troubles could come up from minor stimulus during summer season, there are many people who struggles from chest and back acne. The habit that can make skin better is giving skin care with correct cleansing and good product. The new body wash, body lotion and body spray from Iluily is body wash with abundant moisture that can give fresh, clean and lasting body care for a long time without any pulling from inside. These products are already popular as healing items on social media with its cleaning power from lemon and ginger components; It is known as good scent body lotion and good scent body wash.


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