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Sat Jun 06

Natural dyeing room with no loyalty fee and membership fee, ‘Coloring Natural’, getting spotlight as small business trend

2019-08-28 15:20:56
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Grain hair coloring brand, ‘Coloring Natural’ is getting spotlight as a franchise market’s new trend with no royalty and membership fee.

Coloring the Natural, opening its first location in Busan Sa Gik Dong, open to one-man low budget business owners. It is getting attention from hair dye industry because it is completely differentiate itself from previous dyeing room with its low stimulus hair dye that minimize hair damage and gives scalp care while giving the looks.

Coloring The Nature use traditional dyeing method to minimize scalp and hair damage under the title of naturalism like its brand name. Although regular white hair dyes are harmful to the scalp when used frequently, the brand uses its own hypoallergenic hair dye containing natural extracts. It can also be used as a dye just by mixing water with grain powder using traditional dyeing methods. It provides customized color recipes with tea through 1:1 consultation then provide specialized color recipe. Hypo-allergenic dyes also reduce hair damage, protecting the scalp and hair; also it has no side effects.

In addition, it suggests healthier hair dyeing, crown dyeing and natural hair dyeing to women who are struggling with white hair. It is also getting lots of spotlight for women startup, stay home-mom business and low capital one men business. For people who are worry about operation method, it supports overall business education in scalp, hair, dye, beauty, customer consultation and more.

Coloring The Nature has different image than previously stiff dyeing room. It is getting attention with its trendy cafe interior and homey space that could cover all generations including the younger generation. If you are planning to start a low budget business using traditional dye, why don’t you choose Coloring The Nature?


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