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Mon Aug 10

‘The Great Show’ Lim Joo Hwan, “I become a squid next to Song Seung Heon, I can’t help myself”

2019-08-29 14:44:05
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Lim Joo Hwan and Song Seung Heon have their remarks on acting together.

On August 21st afternoon, there was a production presentation of tvN Monday Tuesday Drama ‘The Great Show (Script by Seul Joon Seok, Direct by Shin Yong Hui and Kim Jeong Wook)’ at the Seoul Gangnam-Guest Imperial Palace Hotel. Including Shin Yong Hui director, actor Song Seung Heon, Lee Sun Bin, Lim Joo Hwan and Noh Jeong Eui have participated the event.

Lim Joo Hwan, who is playing a role of Rising new icon of rational conservative political critic and Royal rich lawyer Kang Joon Ho, made us laugh by saying “It could make other drama production team sad but I decided to go on this show because Song Seung Heon decided to go on the show. I looked like a squid because I was on the screen with Song Seung Heon. I can’t do anything about how I look- no matter how hard I try”.

Follow by this, Song Seung Hyeon added “He is my school alumni. I never shoot with someone who went to my school. I am filming with joy”

‘The Great Show’ is a story of ex-congressman Wui Dae Han is accepting problematic four siblings into his family in order to go back to the congress. Director Shin Yong Hui, who showed tense directing that increase concentration through ‘Tunnel’ ‘Cross’ and other works, and Seul Joon Seok, who have been portraying robust story and multi-layered characters through various movie and drama, have worked together.

On the other hand, tvN Monday Tuesday Drama ‘The Great Show’ is going to be on air for the first time on the August 26th, 9:30 PM.


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