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Mon Aug 10

[bnt Photo] Megan Fox ‘Chic’

2019-08-29 14:52:56
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[by Kim Chi Yoon] Movie ‘Battle of Jangsari’ production presentation took place at the Seoul Gangnam Apgujeong CGV on the 21st, afternoon.

Actress Megan Fox is having a photo time.

Movie ‘Jangsari’ is a movie portraying Jangsa landing operation that took place a day before Incheon landing operation that could have flip the war situation during the Korean War in order to disguise enemy and to succeed Incheon landing operation. It has 772 student soldiers who only completed 2 weeks of training with average age of 17. It is based on the true story.

Movie ‘Battle of Jangsari’ starring Kim Myoung Min, Cho Min Ho, Kim In Kwon, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Seong Chul and others is going to release on coming September 25th.


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