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Wed Jan 29

JK Plastic Surgery Center, a first Korean plastic surgery center to reacquiring a certification of ‘medical institute for Foreigners

2019-08-29 15:26:18
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] JK Plastic Surgery Center have achieved a great result of reacquiring a certification from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare on medical institute that host foreign patients.

JK Plastic Surgery Center is the only hospital that passed the acute selection process by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare among 500 plastic surgery centers that treat foreigners in 2017. At the time, the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare selected final four medical institutes on the first round of judging and selection of Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign patients, JK plastic Surgery Center was the only plastic surgery center.

The hospital is visited by patients from more than 100 countries; more than 70% of the patients are foreign patients. It carries out differentiated hospital operations, including multi language web page for the foreign patients, multi-language agreements, operation room design for the patient’s safety, the establishment of patient safety system and more.

The certifications was made to increase global competitiveness and trust by judging and selecting medical institutes that provide great service and safe treatment environment to the foreign patients. The judging criteria is on consistent hosting and management of foreign patients, safe guarantee activity, response to emergency situations, infection management, foreign patients characterization and patient safety structure. JK Plastic Surgery center have acquired above necessary scores on every mandated criteria.

The reason why JK Plastic surgery center could once again be a government certify plastic surgery center since 2017 is its medical staff, including Joo Kwon director, who puts safety as their number one priority. The hospital’s credibility is high with its 20 years of no-accident record.

Also, if you have certain country’s citizenship or speaks that certain language, a coordinator who is fluent in that language will be designated as one on one care. These coordinators are certified international medical tourism coordinator or passed certain standards such as one or more years of experience in international medical field.

Director Joo shows his sincere thank you to reacquiring the government certification again follow by the 2017, “This hospital has strictly follow the pre, during, after operation infection management and safety measures. JK plastic surgery center is the only plastic surgery center with government certify institute among all Korean plastic surgery centers for the second time in a row. We are going to do our best in increase Korean medical field’s reputation and its credibility”.


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