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Mon Aug 10

Im Yoon Ah, a proven multi-talented celebrity with ‘Exit

2019-09-04 15:47:16
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[by Ent team] The movie ‘Exit’ starring Im Yoon Ah have gone over 8.5 Million audiences.

SM Entertainment shared the news today (29th) saying “Im Yoon Ah (Girl’s Generation Yoon Ah) have showed her true self with ‘Exit’.
Im Yoon Ah showed us the great acting by playing spontaneous and responsible character ‘Eui Joo’ . As of today, the total audience number is 8Million 575 thousands and 462 people; the movie became a best hit for this summer theater district.

Especially Im Yoon Ah, who debut the movie screen with movie ‘Confidential Assignment’ that gathered 7.8 million audiences, got approved her ‘potential’ as a rising star of Chungmu-ro by playing ‘Min Young’. Follow by this, she positioned herself clearly as a hit actress by succeeding her first movie main character work ‘Exit’ .

She is getting a hot reaction from people along with compliments on her acting that she showed us the new charm; Im Yoon Ah pull off the comic character with stingy personality through this work even though it is not the most glamorous role; also she showed stable high end exit acting without any stunt actor.

On top of that, not only Im Yoon Ah performed well in singing, drama, entertainment and commercial; but also, her potential as a movie star have been approved, showing that she can pull off every field out there. She has been getting endless love call in drama, movie, commercial and other areas.

It is excited to see what other image that Im Yoon Ah is going to show us since she has become a ‘Major role of Chungmu-ro’ after she burgeoned her activity spectrum with endless effort and challenge. (Photo by SM Entertainment)


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