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Fri Jun 05

WAKi International Group Chairman Teo Choo Guan First Malaysian to receive World Peace Award

2019-09-06 12:51:44
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The World Peace Awards ceremony, hosted by the European Union of Thailand's Sanka Union Union Of Thai Sangkha, was held on June 30th at the Stockholm City Hall in Sweden. The awards attracted representatives from more than 120 countries or regions.

It has always advocated the harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups, assisting all kinds of vulnerable groups and religious organizations regardless of skin color and belief Teo Choo Guan become the first entrepreneur in Malaysia to receive relevant honors. For more than 20 years, Mr. Zhang Qiuyuan, the founder of WAKI International Group, has donated money to build mosques, churches and Buddhist temples in Southeast Asian countries and China, and is committed to promoting ethnic and religious harmony.


Teo Choo Guan When he delivered a speech at the awards ceremony, he was especially grateful to the nobles who helped in all aspects, so that he had this rare opportunity to accept the honorable "World Peace Prize."

He said, "I am extremely grateful" because the organizer gave me the "World Peace Prize" with the highest honor, which is affirming my past years and efforts in humanitarian and social work. "Respect for each other" is the lofty value of being a human being. Every life is different. Everyone must "respect each other differently from you and me" and then "share each other with you and me" to be able to "share peace with each other".

The founder of WAKI International Group Teo Choo Guan stressed that “mutual respect, sharing and caring” between life is a humanitarian spirit of social work; but to act, there are three levels. That is, clear, clear and awake. It is necessary to calmly respond to the goal at the end and do a good job in social work.

At the same time, the World Peace Prize Preparatory Committee also issued the ‘Sponsorship Award’ to WAKI International Group on the same day to recognize the work of the group to fund the World Peace Prize. The award was received on the same day by the Executive Director of WAKI International Group Teu Keng Hoon。



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