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Tue Jul 07

“Intense” .... LABOUM So Yeon, releasing teaser before the comeback

2019-09-10 15:54:49
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[by Ent team] LABOUM released So Yeon’s teaser image.
LABOUM (Yoo Jeong, So Yeon, ZN, Hae in, Sol bin) released So Yeon, team’s main vocal, teaser image following by Sol Bin and Hae in through its official social media on September 4th.

So Yeon, in the released picture, makes us anticipate her different charm with completely changed vibe to the previous image by multiplying dreamlike ambience with the intense visual and colorful accessories.

LABOUM, who are coming back with their first official album ‘Two Of Us’ on the 19th, have increased expectation for comeback by implying their much more upgraded charm than before. They increased the completion level of the album by every members participating in the work. Also, there is more expectations since this album is going to contain solo songs of each members.

On the other hand, LABOUM have continued their work through individual works of each members in drama, entertainment, OST and others. They are going to continue their active comeback activity by releasing its first official album ‘Two Of Us’ after 9 months on September 19th, through various online music sites. (Photo by Global H Media)


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