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Sun Jul 12

‘The Bad Guys: The movie’, Jang Ki Yong, “Ma Dong Seok’s lips were softer than I thought”

2019-09-10 16:03:56
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Jang Ki Yong shown his deep affection toward Ma Dong Seok

On the afternoon of September 3, a press screening of the movie 'Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos’ (Director Son Yong Ho)' was held at Yongsan I Park Mall CGV, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Directors Son Yong Ho, and actors, Kim Sang Joong, Kim Ah Joong, and Jang Ki Yong, attended the scene.

The movie gives laughter to the audience with its affectionate scene between Jang Ki Yong and Ma Dong Seok. Related to this, Jang Ki Yong said “I personally like Dong Seok’s wittiness. But he was calculating every improvisation and witty move. He is really impressive”, “(Ma Dong Seok’s lips) they were softer than I thought. He and I did gargle about three times. I had a cold at the time and the following day after the shooting, Ma Dong Seok also caught cold” he shared the story.

'Bad Guys: The Movie' is a crime entertainment action movie that shows the unrelenting performance of the bad guys who once again gathered to catch the worst criminals who disappeared after the very first convoy escape crime. The movie is motive from the same title drama ‘Bay Guys’.

Meanwhile, Movie ‘The Bad Guys: The movie’ is releasing on September 11th.


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