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Tue Jul 07

‘This one’ that all Koreans love

2019-09-19 09:34:03
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Koreans are known for insights in food, they even created a global content called ‘Mukbang'. Now, this have created a new wave call K-FOOD. What are the local food that are familiar and beloved by Koreans but not to foreigners? We have selected food that all Koreans love.


Chicken is the significant K-FOOD. When you just look at well-known Korean dramas, you see a scene where main character eats ‘Chicken and Beer'. The new word derived from eating chicken and beer together, Chee-Mack' is used like it is an official word.

Oven roasted Chicken brand Goobne chicken have started a ‘Chicken Revolution' with its unique menu that are different from previous chicken. Unlike oil fried chickens that are crispy with thick tempura coat, they show us the oven roasted chicken. Not only that, they destroyed the mindset that oven roasted chicken can't be crispy. Because it has crispy outside and juicy inside taste. It has become the K-FOOD you can meet in various other countries such as Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and others. Since it shows unique menu that are hard to taste in other brands such as ‘Honey Mellow Chicken’, ‘Pepper Crispy Chicken' and others, if you want to try out chicken, keep a close eye on it 


Tteok-bokki is the best menu for Koreans who enjoy spicy food. Tteok-bokki, made by putting a rice cake inside of spicy sauce, is a great dish to eat alongside with various food. It is s food you can enjoy without getting sick of it. There has been Tteok-bokki with various toppings such as egg, cheese, noodles and more on top of vegetable and rice cake.

The Dong Dae Moon Yupdduk have targeted Koreans palette with spiciness among other Tteok-bokki. With its addictive strong spiciness that makes you cry and sniff, it is a food created ‘Yupdduk Mania'. It provides five leveled spiciness to allow people, who can’t eat spicy food, to enjoy as well. It provides various selections such as rolled rice, egg soufflé, tempura and more.


When we think of the fast food that Koreans love, we can say it is Ramen. Not only you can finish your fulfilling meal in 5 minutes by putting seasoning, noodle and hot water together, but also the cup noodles kind have been diverse.

Recently, they have released a commercial with soccer player Son Heung Min. You can see his comment of ‘I only eat Ramen that represent our country’ and his approval of approving Shin Ramen as a global dish by saying ‘we have to show Korea's spiciness to the world’. (photo by Goobne Chicken, Dong Dae Moon Yupdduk, Shin Ramen official page, Shin Ramen TV-CF capture)


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