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Sat Jun 06

Stars who became one with the brands

2019-09-25 15:41:49
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Everything that stars do always become an issue. There are many brands who enjoys marketing effect by putting stars face in front of their brand since everything from food to clothing that stars does become the center of issue. Going over simple marketing, there are many stars who became on with the brand; so attached that we can’t even imagine them advertising other brands. Who are the stars who became one with the brand that just by naming the brand, we can think of their face?

Park Boyoung & GoobNe Chicken

Actress Park Boyoung, who has been beloved with her cute image since her debut. She loves to communicate with her fans; not only she communicate with their fans through her V LIVE channel without any barrier by also she have held ‘improvise fan meeting’ with fans at Haeundae to meet fans. She has built cute and friendly image like this.

She, also active as Goobne chicken model, have drawn attention with the TVCF that goes great with her usual image. She gives happy smile looking at the process of oven roasted chicken being cooked, also when she whispers into the camera, it is very natural. She showed us the lovely chicken and rice mukbang by emphasizing the characteristic of ‘Goobne Galbi-King’ that goes great with rice by saying ‘Galbi has to be roasted’. When we watch two different versions of TVCF, ‘Goobne Original’ and ‘Goobne Galbi King’, we naturally fall in love to her cute and lovely charm.

Jo Jeongseok & Yanadoo

Actor Jo Jeongseok has grown as a ‘ticket to successes by creating issue on every work he has been on. He proved the theory with movie ‘Exit’, that opened last July, by having more than 9 million audiences. He has shown us his unique realistic acting that gave him title of ‘master of realistic daily life acting’.

He, who has friendly image and realistic image from daily life acting, is also actively working as a model of an Online English education company Yanadoo. Not only he talks quietly like he is whispering, but also the video with his fluent voice and facial expression he says “Hey, you can speak English too ‘is so addictive that it has drawn attention and created various versions of commercials. Nowadays, when we think of ‘Jo Jeong Seok’, we think of ‘Yanadoo’ and when we think of ‘Yanadoo, we think of ‘Jo Jeong Seok’.

Won Bin & T.O.P

“If this is just coffee, this is T.O.P”. The legendary coffee commercial that shook girl’s heart was already 10 years ago. It is definitely an effective commercial since when we think of ‘T.O.P’, we think of that commercial. Won Bin have remained as the legend of coffee commercial by actively working as T.O.P model after 10 years.

There has been constant fans interest about his next work due to his empty period since his 2009 movie ‘The Man from Nowhere’, but he is spending his life as an ordinary father with his wife Lee Nayoung and a kid between them. But thanks to T.O.P commercial, we can still frequently see Won Bin’s face during his break period. (Photo by tvN ‘Abyss’ official page, bnt DB, Goobne Chicken TVCF, Yanadoo English official, Maxim Official Youtube video capture)


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