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Wed Jan 29

Teen Teen, “We would like to be called as fruity-dol”

2019-09-26 15:10:46
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Teen Teen have shared their ambition.
In the afternoon of September 18, a showcase was held to commemorate the release of the TEEN TEEN mini album 'VERY, ON TOP' at Blue Square Eye Market Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

On this day, Teen Teen emphasized ‘freshness’ as their charm and shared their feelings on debuting “We are very excited, nervous and worry to debut like this. We, who have bright and fresh charm, are going to show different image of ourselves that are mature. Please look forward to see our great journey in the future”.

In addition, they shared their ambitions “We hope to have a title of ‘fruitty-dol’. We want to share us growing and maturing just like fruits that has freshness but tend to mature over time”.

Teen Teen is constitute of Lee Jinwoo, Lee Taeseung, Lee Woojin who received lots of love when they were on Mnet ‘ProduceX101’. Just like their unit name, ‘children who does teen-taste pop music, they are going to show unique Teen POP you can find it from Teen Teen.

Meanwhile, Teen Teen's mini album 'Berry, On Top' will be released today at 6 pm.


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