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Sun Jul 12

Yoon Jong Shin is leaving Korea soon... Special live with the house band at ‘Studio Music Hall’

2019-10-04 13:05:27
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[by Ent team]  Yoon Jong Shin is showing the last emotional concert prior to his departure in October for the Stranger Project at ‘Studio Music Hall’
Yoon Jong Shin's 'Studio Music Hall', which will be aired on SK Broadband Channel B tv for two weeks on October 1st and 8th, will be accompanied by a music story of his 30-year singer's life. There is a special stage where he will sing four songs of his choice including ‘An Evening Breeze’ from June title.
Yoon Jong Shin explained the Stranger Project as “I plan this to contain more stories as a creator. I am leaving to live in a place I know nothing about. It is a project to learn about myself”.
Park Jae Jeong, who appeared as a special MC in the absence of MC, Bae Soon Tak, will be active as a self-proclaimed 'spokesman of Yoon Jong-shin'. It is expected to show great chemistry alongside with Kim Hee Cheol and Kim Ea Na.
'Studio Music Hall' is a music talk show produced by Mystic Story and SK Telecom Flo (FLO). It created hot issue by having EXO Chen as their first guest.

Music critics, Bae Soon Tak, lyricist, Kim Ea Na, and Super Junior, Kim Hee Cheol, meet new guest every time in their studio, sharing their in-depth musical knowledge and tastes, while watching the guest's special live stage with the house band.

'Studio Music Hall' will be broadcasted on SK Broadband Channel B tv every Tuesday and will be uploaded to Flo's official Facebook, Instagram account and Cake Pop YouTube channel (Photo by Mystic Story)


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