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The origin of Mukbang, Korea, what is the best food recommended by Mukbang YouTuber?

2019-10-04 15:53:29
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[by Na Yeon Joo] the abbreviation for ‘Eating streaming’, ‘Mukbang’ has become a global standard word. Mukbang that first started in Korea have shook YouTubers and Youtube viewers’ heart around the world. Now, Mukbang is a popular content not only in Korea, but in the world. What is the best food recommended by Mukbang YouTubers?

Tzuyang & Goobne Chicken

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang has 1.35 million subscribers. She is beloved by people with her gifted palate but also her cute look. Her palate is hard to follow even for people who considered themselves as a big eater. She became an issue by streaming Mukbang of eating 20 packages of Ramen, 10 people portion of Dak-Galbi and 4 servings of Goobne chicken.

The chicken she chose was the signature menu of Goobne chicken ‘Goobne Volcano’ ‘Goobne Honeymellow’ ‘Goobne Galbi King’ and ‘Goobne crispy pepper’. Unlike traditional chickens, the oven roasted chicken, which is not fried with oil, has gain a lot of popularity because of its unique taste. If you think that oven roasted chicken are saggy and not crispy, you are wrong. Once you fall into its attractive texture of crispy outside and soft inside, it will be hard to come out of it. The oven roasted chicken without oil provides healthy flavor which is a best choice to get both taste and health at the same time. Now, you can taste Goobne chicken not only in Korea, but also in Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and other parts of the world.

Fran & Jjamppong

YouTuber Fran, who is known for enjoying noodle dish, has 2.45 million subscribers. Fran, who has gained popularity by showing various food Mukbang such as Korean, Western and Chinese, have shown us Jjamppong Mukbang. Her video of finishing 4 plates of Jjamppong within 20 minutes and combining 3 plates into a one bowl with the sound of slurping makes us drool.

The well-known Chinese dish Jjamppong was reborn into a Korean style Jjamppong, that target Korean’s taste of spicy and salty. The spicy taste of Jjamppong made up of seafood and thick noodles mixed with a spicy soup is not only great for releasing stress but also good for hangover. It is one of Korean’s soul food.

GudoShelley & Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen

The rising star of Mukbang world, GudoShelley, who is living in Melbourne Australia, have gained popularity by showing the different type of charm compare to popular Mukbang YouTubers in Korea. With her unique tank-top outfit and voice, she is showing us ‘charm without an exit’. Her unique catch phrase of ‘I don’t have much time’ ‘do you understand?’ has become a trendy phrase. 

‘I am going to eat two Ultra-Super-Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen due to lack of time! Okay?’ titled 15 minutes’ video is about eating Ultra-Super-Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen sitting in front of a gas burner while making one. To her video, that shows quick Mukbang while saying ‘don’t have much time’, people have commented “I’ve watched the video all the way but I’m sorry. I don’t know what it is but I think I have to apologize”, “When I first saw this, it was shocking but now I’m addicted” “I feel like I’m in a lecture but it is a Mukbang”. (Photo by Goobne Chicken, Gyodong Jjamppong, Samyang Foods official homepage, Tzuyang, Fran, GudoShelley Youtube clip capture)


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