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Mon Aug 10

In between season scalp care? Visit professional scalp shop to give smart care if home care isn’t enough

2019-10-04 16:26:33
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During in between season when the temperature difference between morning and night is huge with dry atmosphere, it is easy to lose the skin moisture balance. No only skin, but if you have sensitive scalp, scalp management is a must. Especially, if you are one of those people who are concerned about balding, in between season scalp care is the important thing.

When the external environment changes there could a scalp trouble and just like the skin, the scalp could be sensitive. Also, there could be increasing number of people who suffer from scalp disease because of the delay in skin regeneration that prevents dead skin cell from falling itself at a right time since the start of in between season, when the air gets dry while getting exposed to strong UV ray during summer. Since when the scalp disease could turn into balding in severe cases, we have to prevent balding through scalp scaling and other scalp management.

When should we start the scalp management? In our teens, We frequently attempt to change our styling such as dyeing, discoloration and perm; resulting in slow red light on the scalp's health. During 20s, due to overflowing hormones and oil production, we need scalp management more than ever. Especially, balding starts actively at the age 25, it is good to give proper management in advance. Also, exposure to unbalanced meal, stress and toxic environment promotes balding, we recommend you to give scalp care through scalp scaling, scalp anti-aging and other types of balding management.

In order to give effective scalp management that is hard to do from home, why don’t we give individually curated scalp care at the professional scalp shop based on your scalp type? Hesol hair scalp clinic from brand Ecomine, that provides solutions for healthy scalp and hair, is a professional hair scalp management center established based on years of human testing and nature friendly hair scalp management solution development. It provides unique scalp management to people who worry about M shaped balding, alopecia areata and crown hair loss since it is a shop that gives proper management and right product based on individuals scalp characteristics.

Hesol hair scalp clinic, Dongrae branch’s director Kim Jung Im said “Hesol hair scalp clinic Dongrae branch have implemented right scalp management system for Korean scalp; we provide 1 on 1 curated management. Patients can experience unique technology and eco-friendly scalp management system by Hesol. In order to give effective management to in between season scalp concern, it is smart to use professional scalp shop”.


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