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Sun Jul 12

‘From Far Away’ first episode placed the first place... Yuye, Mairi showed their hard working spirit

2019-10-08 12:30:34
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Zhejiang Satellite Television and Dragon Satellite Television, while uploading on Yuku, Tencent, iQIYI every night at 22:00. Drama ‘From Far away ‘, starring Yuye, Mairi, MeiTing, Bao Zeng Fung and Zeng Li is going to air on Zhejiang Satellite Television and Dragon Satellite Television, Yuku, Tencent, iQIYI. After the air of the show last night (9/22), it has received positive feedbacks from views from its plain view, story filled with life and actors’ appeals.

On the night of first air, ‘From Far Away’ recorded first place in the real time viewer rate. It also recorded first place in CSM35 viewer rate and CSM52. Not only in CSM but also recorded first place in satellite TV.  It is the most anticipated block buster in 2019 since the ‘An old bar’.

Yuye, Mairi... Zeng Li... followed by, the flow of drama makes a person happy.

Last night, the drama ‘From Far Away', in addition to having satisfactory grades in the ratings, gathered the topic online with its solid story and casting. Yuye, who portrayed Yao Wian, who fought hard during his young age, portrayed his character well and also his image of agile and responsible conveyed well to the viewers. On the other hand, Mairi showed the foreseeing side of female main character Liu Xiao well. Since her appearance, they directly showed the great character difference between Yao Wian and Liu Xiao by showing great charisma upon apperance.

Two people who seemed like nothing to with each other met by chance. On the first episode, Liu Xiao comes out as graduate student of Psychology school same as Hou Mei, who is playing Zeng Li. They change the flow of the show by getting on delivery man Yao Wian’s car. The word on the street said The three main actors appear themselves in order and the audience couldn’t stop making compliments on ‘From Far Away’s flow. It increased the anticipation of follow up stories.

The detailed style is very retro and it shows its time period.

Besides that, the drama added the overall quality of the show with the strong vibe of the era from items and styling that goest with that time. Yao Wian draw audience into 90s at once with his curly hair and navy shirt that represent the era by creating the vibe. Liu Xiao’s white hoodie and Hou Mei’s stocking were also in style during that time. We can say that the production crew had attention in detail.

The items that were on the show such as ‘Sequel Interpretation’ ‘IC card’ ‘cell phone’ ‘report’ and professional noun such as ‘negotiation and imagination’ and ‘bias delusion’ show the drama ‘From Far Away’s attention and detail. There details bring nostalgia from the viewers.

Not only that, since it focused on the commerce industry and Psychology, it draws attention from the people who are in the industry. After the first episode, the ideal ‘delivery man’ Yao Wian or Psychology graduate students act by Mairi and Zeng Li; Especially, Liu Xiao and Hou Mei’s acting have been approved by the people who are in the industry. The young man and woman’s struggling spirit portrayed by them brings lots of emotion to the viewers.

Tonight, Liu Xiao and Hou Mei are going to host dinner for Yao Wian spontaneously. Yao Wian is going to provide summer internship opportunity for Liu Xiao and Hou Mei to provide Psychological consulation of foster home. The relationship of three people will get more intense. You can watch more of the show every night at 19:30 through Zhejiang Satellite Television and Dragon Satellite Television or through Yuku, Tencent and iQIYI at 22:00.


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