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Sun Jul 12

The prehistoric drama, drama ‘From Far Away’ is on air for the first time tonight. Yuye, Mairi anthem of 20 years of struggling from starting business

2019-10-08 12:45:04
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The film was produced by Hangzhou Gapyeong Pictures, Beijing Yuku Technology, China International Broadcasting Headquarters, Shanghai Culture Broadcast Film Group, and Zhejiang Photoelectric TV Group. Oh Ga Pyeong as head producer, ShinCheop as a writer, Jin Gon Hui as director and Baek Rin took a role as B team director. Drama ‘From Far away ‘, starring Yuye, Mairi, Mei Ting, Bao Zeng Fung and Zeng Li is going to air on Zhejiang Satellite Television and Dragon Satellite Television, while uploading on Yuku, Tencent, iQIYI at 22:00 every night.

This drama shows the story of the young actors from different families who realize their values through constant efforts through the emotions and struggles while starting business. It portrays the struggle and fights that Chinese people have put on past 20 years. It draws great miracle of Chinese development during that 20years.

The coverage is realistic and portrayed struggler’s light in an easy view

Under the guidance of the Central Propaganda department of the Communist Party of China, the drama, ‘From Far away’, is a commemorative drama commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China focusing on delivery industry for the first time in China, which was organized by the National Broadcasting Bureau. With the ideology of 'Admire of Age and Old Struggle', the drama showed the changed state of the country in all directions since the reform and opening. The writer ShinCheop pours deep emotional discussions about love, friendship and family love while containing rapid developmental change of era and business decisions. The drama ‘From Far away’ sends positive energy to viewers as a production as striving spirit and innovative thinking of business pioneers under the great new era.

In order to impress viewers, SinYeol, a famous writer who produced classic films such as 'Chicken hair flying into the sky' and 'White Green Garden', spent a lot of time visiting e-commerce workers who work in courier service and e-commerce. He gained frank and intuitive revelation and melted the enlightenment into the script writing. The reason why he made small character like YaoWian as a male main character is to get sympathized by the common people. All these efforts were made to write a glorious poem through ‘From Far Away’ to boast people who struggled.

Yuye, Mairi, act 20 years of change with colorful character.

In addition to complimenting the times and praising their struggles, 'From Far Away' also paid attention to the setting of plays and figures. 'From Far away' portrayed vivid picture of the trajectory of the business and emotions of those who retained the essence of their dreams, based on their founding and imagination. The male main character YaoWian (Yuye) is full of passion and determination, constantly struggling through thorn bushes during the 20 years of logistics and Internet entrepreneurship process. The female main character, Liu Xiao does not give up, does not hesitate for a dream, keeps her initial, and continues the story with Yao Yuan” Story of "Love hurts each other, but does not leave." Liu Yren goes forward without fearing hardships while helping YaoWian dream comes true using his own money. Lyeou Wonten have burgeon his eye sight for YaoWian but at the same time he gave him unprecedented hardship. The two industries represented by two people, logistic and e-commerce, develop into complimenting and relying on each other while competing each other. The drama suggests the renewal and transformation of Chinese national ideology through the transformation and development past 20 years it is portrayed by Emotional conflict among Hou Mei, his best friend, Liu Xiao and Lyeou Won; the breakthrough and efforts of the post office workers, represented by Lyu Jung Shang, who has great love for work and good in public affair.

 Golden Horse Award winner and TV viewer rating master’s competition, it is air as a holiday blockbuster

When the news of actor Yuye and Mairi have worked together for the first time at ‘From Far Away’, it created lots of expectations. The youngest Golden Horse Best Actor winner and other actresses who are known for their acting’s participation guarantees the quality of drama, ‘From Far Away’.

Mairi, who came back for the first time in 2 years in drama said ‘Liu Xiao is very brave and have absolute choice in everything. For me, either if you are a man or woman, I want you to have choice in job, life or love”. Yuye, who is playing delivery service worker for the first time, said she is awed. She was amazed by the rapid growth of commerce industry and showed her respect to people who work in the industry. Especially, for past 20years of change and opportunity she said “every should independently choose their life with their own choice. Everything for past 20 years have been doing its best”.

MeiTing is acting a new girl in new age, creating expectations with her acting skill

Also, the popular actress MeiTing’s participation added expectation toward drama ‘From Far away’.  This time, she is playing Yuye Lien who is the first love of male main character, YaoWian. The character has a good, quiet and strong character; Her the warm charm that the Chinese woman embraces to the inside is considered as the representative of the new generation. In business perspective, she was YaoWian’s follower. In personal life, she gave big help to YaoWian in subtle manner. If Liu Xiao brighten up the way of YaoWian, Liu Yren comforted YaoWian’s scar like a one spring breeze. Also, MeiTing’s delicate emotional acting received lots of compliments from writer ShinCheop. Since there are lots of opponents of Yuye and Mairi in the show, you can expect their actions.

The remarkable acting of actors such as Bao Zeng Fung, Zeng Li, JeongKi, ChengYi, She HaoYen make this drama’s true self stand out. Also it is a drama that boast its great scale as a drama currently airing on holiday. It has drawn lot of viewers’ attention.

Drama, ‘From Far Away‘, is going to air tonight on Zhejiang Satellite Television and Dragon Satellite Television. As it is also going to air online through Yuku, Tencent and iQIYI, hope to show lots of love for the show.


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