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Wed Jan 29

Ben, The first national tour ‘Moonlight’… ‘Love, ing’ available in live

2019-10-18 16:57:50
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[by Ent team] Ben plans coloring the whole country with ‘Moonlight’.
Ben will be on a national tour concert 2019 starting in November to meet the fans.

‘Moonlight’ tickets, especially, have received excitements from potential audiences and proved unique expectation towards the concert, along with curiosity from not only Seoul but also from nationwide on Ben’s ‘Moonlight’.

Ben will make the audience be moved and touched with various repertories of stages and hit songs like ‘Love, ing’ and ‘180°’, which have been on the public’s playlists at all times

This national tour of Ben is the first of all times.

Ben’s ‘Moonlight’ will be held at iMarket Hall, BLUE SQUARE, Seoul on the 9th and 10th of November, KBS Hall, Busan on the 16th of November, Jeongsimhwa Hall, Daejeon on the 30th of November, KBS Hall, Ulsan on the 7th of December and Auditorium, Daegu on the 21st of December. (Photo by Culture Factory)

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