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Sat Sep 18

Beauty upgrade? It’s right time when the weather gets cold

2019-10-23 16:00:24
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] Everyone wants to improve their beauty one step further, and wants to upgrade it a little more. And we try various ways to achieve this.

Upgrading your beauty can be as easy as starting with changing your cosmetics, being on a diet, inner beauty care, haircuts, etc. And rather than inducing temporary changes by making external changes like these, a definite change comes from correcting the underlying complex. And chilly seasons like these days are right time for surgery and procedure, a way to correct these fundamental complexes. Because you don’t have to worry about infection from the cuts or taking a shower after surgery.

Rather, in the season when the weather gets chilly, the body part some people have a complex is a breast. In the summer, a season for exposure, the breast is a concern for many women, but in the season when they cover with thick clothes, it is more of a concern. You may not be able to wear clothes that make your body fit tightly, and often hesitate to wear thick clothes because of the sagging breasts.

Normally, the power of underwear is the solution to correct this breast complex. The small breasts are padded in the underwear to emphasize the volume and people often look for underwear to compensate for sagging breasts.

However, if you want to feel the limitations of corrective underwear alone and to solve the fundamental complex in the chilly season, consider a surgery such as a breast lift that can correct sagging breast, which cannot be corrected by a non-surgical method.

Plastic Surgery Specialist Kwon Soon-hong, director of plastic surgery at JK Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, the center of South Korea, said, “When the days get cold, more people come to the hospital for complex corrections which they put off so far. In particular, in the case of breast surgery, winter is a good season in that clothes can cover the aftercare treatment as much as possible after the surgery. Among many concerns over breasts, if you’re worried about your severe sagging breast, not just a matter of volume, you can consider breast lift.”

Breast lift is a surgical procedure that helps to make a beautiful breast by reducing the size and lifting the sagging breasts. If the size of the breast is small and not sagging, augmentation is operated. If the breast is sagging, it is adjusted to the proper position through the areola incision. If the actual amount of sagging is severe and the size of the breast is small, augmentation-lift is operated as the surgical method of correcting the position.

The director Kwon Soon-hong said, “The number of foreigners who visit Korea in the K-Beauty boom in search of outstanding plastic surgery skills is increasing. If you want to undergo surgery such as breast lift in Korea, it is important that you consult with your doctor carefully about the condition and problems of your breast to find the best surgery for you.”

Following 2017, the reliable hospital JK Plastic Surgery Center, which has obtained the ‘Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF)’ certification in 2019, was designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It aims to be a safe plastic surgeon with an anesthesiologist, a CPR response team, and a 24-hour nurse system. In addition, it is equipped with an operating room that applies US FED, Standard 209D standards to ensure safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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