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Really in their 30s? Beautiful stars with baby faces

2019-10-23 16:09:49
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Stars with baby face are considered as Wannabe of all women because everyone wants to look young. Is there really a ‘camera massage’? The stars on TV all boast their baby faces. Here are some celebrities we can’t believe that they are already in their 30s.

#Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young, who is loved by all people with her small height and full of charming voice. We are used to seeing her often appearing in school uniforms in dramas and movies, but surprisingly, she turned 30 this year. Boasting her baby face with fresh look from the beginning of her debut, she has been in her 14th year since her debut.

She broadcasts her live show through V LIVE channel, appealing her unpretending and friendly look to the public. In her live broadcast, she looks so young like she’s in early 20s. It is TV advertisement of Goobne Chicken where she showed off her charm. The two versions of the ad maximize her charm. Looking at the chicken roasted in the oven and smiling, she lovely does her chicken mukbang (eating show) with her unique and lively voice and various expressions. ‘Goobne Original’ and ‘Goobne Galbi Cheonwang’ in her TV advertisement are definitely the best sellers of Goobne Chicken.
#Jang Na-ra

If there is anybody who is not left out from the theme of 'Star with a baby face', it's definitely Jang Nara. She is 39 years old this year and turns 40 next year, but has a super baby face. It is hard to believe that she will be 40 very soon as she looks like in her 20s.

Besides her baby face, she is so cute that netizens wonder if she’s a vampire because she still has the same look at the time of her debut in 2001. She is busy with starring in the small screen, from ‘The Last Empress’ that aired on SBS earlier this year, to ‘VIP,’ which is scheduled to air on SBS in late October.
#Chun Woo-hee

Actress Chun Woo-hee, who has white and blemish-free skin, is a 33-year-old star with a baby face. She has been received favorable comment for her appealing acting on the screen. In JTBC's ‘Be Melodramatic’, which was ended, she enthusiastically played the role of Im Jin-ju, the crazy writer. She has gained acclaim for her acting transformation with her comical acting and a lively and cute personality she has never shown before.

Appeared in a modest and unadorned look, her beauty couldn't help but admire every scene. She continues to work as a star without a break and will show realistic acting in the movie “Vertigo,” which is scheduled to be released on October 17. (Photo credit: TV advertisement of Goobne Chicken, Video Capture from Park Bo-young V LIVE, Still cut from the movie 'On your wedding day', 'Abyss' of tvN, ‘The Last Empress' and 'VIP' of SBS, ‘Be Melodramatic’ Official website of JTBC, Instagram of Jang Na-ra and Chun Woo-hee)


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