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Mon Aug 10

Loopy&nafla, Strong rapping in the new album ‘Nergized’ … “The duo we trust and listen to”

2019-10-30 09:26:22
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[by Ent team] Loopy&nafla collaborated with Hyundai Motors

MKIT RAIN Records' hip-hop duo Loopy&nafla released a single album [Nergized] with Hyundai Motors on 16th.

This single album [Nergized] is composed of strong dubstep beats with the magnificent sound suitable for racing games.

In particular, this song presents strong rapping of the duo Loppy&nafla unlike the previous one, and after the release, the fans showed enthusiastic response, saying, "The duo we trust and listen to."

In addition, producer Tunnelno5, who worked with the song ‘Chosen’ from the EP album [LooFla], also participated to improve the quality of the song.
[Nergized] can be listened on all music sites, and music videos can be viewed on Hyundai N Worldwide's YouTube channel. (Photo: MKIT RAIN RECORDS)


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