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Sat Sep 18

Start-up, ‘Dyed in Nature’, a franchise with no royalty & franchise fee

2019-10-30 10:29:47
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‘Dyed in Nature’, a dyeing room enabling a small-scale, small-capital and shop-in-shop start-up has emerged as a new start-up issue. Dyed in Nature, which opened its first store in Sajik-dong, Busan, offers a care recipe tailored to individual needs, ranging from measuring the condition of the scalp hair to customized care counseling, dyeing treatment and hair care all at once.

Dyed in Nature is widely seen as a small-capital franchise start-up, which draws attention not only from beginners but also from women, housewives and single-person start-ups because stability and profitability are guaranteed at low cost.

Unlike general hair shops, Dyed in Nature provides individual hair-tailored recipes such as 1:1 customized care counseling, dyeing treatment and hair damage care as well as various hair care, such as dyeing premature gray hair by mixing color powder made from natural extract, natural grains and tea, not using chemical ingredients. In particular, low-irritation dye without ammonia and parabens etc., which are harmful to the skin, has been optimized for hair and scalp protection by lowering the level of hair damage to the maximum.

The beauty industry is also enjoying a wave of start-up activities, and unlike the hard image of the existing dyeing room, Dyed in Nature is gaining popularity as a woman start-up and a housewife start-up for its trendy interior. This is good news for those who are considering starting a business, given the advantages of providing dyeing service of premature gray hair with natural ingredients and so on in a cozy space like a cafe, and the fact that it is small-capital start-ups with less risk of failure.


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