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BEST First Love Movies to Watch when Becoming Nostalgic about Your First Love

2019-10-16 09:35:05
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Everyone must have the first love in his/her heart. It must be a strong and unforgettable memory whether it was sad, happy, or something to be shy about. First love comes back to your mind slowly when you think you got over it and makes you all softened up. Here are some good movies to watch when become nostalgic about your first love.

On Your Wedding Day, 2018

Just like the tagline on the poster, ‘Love is always about timing’, this movie talks about struggling to not let the first love go. Kim Young-kwang as Hwang Woo-yeon evoked sympathy from a lot of male viewers by showing a high school student growing up while getting his heart broken. Chemistry between two main casts, Kim Young-kwang and Park Bo-young, is another important point to focus on. Two actors with baby faces wearing high school uniforms help viewers to be immersed in the movie without feeling awkward. The two casts with lovely smiles help us remember our first loves back in the school days.

Park Bo-young with her nickname, ‘Bbo-vely’, with her loveliness, is also actively working as the advertisement model of Goobne Chicken. In the episode of ‘Goobne Original’, she smiles happily looking at the baked chicken to a beautiful brown, and also shows her charm with her vivid facial expression and voice by saying “This is why we need to bake it”. This advertisement describing impressive oven-baked chicken with overwhelming charm and attractiveness makes not only the fans, but also the consumers’ hearts to beat faster and attracted.

Architecture 101, 2012

At the age of fresh 20, Seung-min meets Seo-yeon at his ‘Architecture 101’ class and falls in love at the first sight. However, his first love is lost without being able to express his feelings. 15 years later, Seo-yeon shows up in front of him and asks him to design her home. Seung-min, reminiscing 15 years ago, falls into unknown feelings. Reminiscence scene of this movie, set in the 1990’s, makes viewers to feel nostalgic and gets their hearts warm.

The meeting of 4 casts, Suzy, Lee Je-hoon as Seo-yeon and Seung-min 15 years ago, and Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in as Seung-min and Seo-yeon of current, gives fresh feel. Suzy, especially with the innocent look of hers, gained the nickname of ‘national first love’ playing the role of Seo-yeon of the past, and managed to act more in various romance films. In addition, the original sound track, ‘Study of Memory’, reminiscing heartbroken first love, is another point to pay attention to.

The Classic, 2003

‘The Classic’ 2003, is still named as ‘the best movie’ by a lot of people now, which is more than 10 years from its release date. The movie, just like its title, has classical sensibility. Ji-hye who lost her father in early age finds a box by accident while cleaning up her mother’s attic. She then finds out about her mother’s first love while looking at the box filled with memories of the first love.

‘The Classic’, full of analog sensibility, such as writing letters to deliver one’s feelings, and sad lines, is a good movie to watch nowadays when all of us are missing the analog sensibility of the old days. The scene where Cho In-sung and Son Ye-jin of fresh charms running together under the rain, along with the original sound track, ‘Me to You, You to Me’, is still the unforgettable best scene. (Photo by Posters and still images of ‘On You Wedding Day’, ‘Architecture 101’, and ‘The Classic’)


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