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Fri Jun 05

A wide variety of chicken dishes loved by Koreans

2019-10-29 10:48:47
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Is there a country that loves chicken dishes like Korea? In Korea, where various chicken dishes are popular, the words "one chicken per person" and "one chicken per day" are sometimes used like neologisms. As a result, the restaurant industry is striving to introduce a variety of chicken dishes. We present various Korean chicken dishes and a typical menu that you must eat when you come to Korea.

Jjimdak (steamed chicken)

Jjimdak with a shredded chicken and a savory sauce. Various vegetables and spices combine to create a unique yet healthy flavor. Adding glass noodles will give you an addictive taste, and you can also mix rice with its soup. It can be enjoyed as a side dish for both meal and drinking. It is priced at 20,000 to 30,000 won, but it is considered as a good value for the price because it can be enjoyed by many people due to its ample amount.


Samgyetang, also known for summer-time stamina food, is made by removing the intestines of young chickens, adding ginseng, jujubes and glutinous rice, and them boiling it for a long time. The healthy taste of ginseng and jujube etc., which are spread in strong broth, restores your energy. Especially during the hot summer season, easy to lose appetite, it is served with rice and kimchi, and is considered the best menu for "Fight heat with heat."

Chicken kalguksu (chopped noodles)

Chicken kalguksu with finely shredded chicken in chicken broth. It is a delicious menu containing only the charm of samgyetang and kalguksu. It not only has a strong and deep taste similar to samgyetang, but it also is perfect for healthy food. If you add kimchi to your chewy noodles, you should finish a bowl soon.


Just a quick look at Korean dramas will show how enthusiastic Koreans are about chicken. With more people eating beer with it, 'chimaek (chicken with beer)' now almost sounds like a standard word. In Korean dramas, the word "chimaek" is used so often, making it at the forefront of Korean Wave. In Korea, Goobne Chicken is definitely the most popular chicken. It is because it is not greasy since it is roasted in the oven, not fried, and provides a healthy and mild taste. In addition, Goobne Chicken, which presents unique menus such as "Chili Crispy Chicken" and "Honey Mellow Chicken" etc. breaking the traditional stereotypes of chicken, is now moving beyond Korea to become a global food that can be enjoyed in many foreign countries, including Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. (Photo by Bongchu Jjimdak, Jiho Hanbang Samgyetang, Hyunpoong Chicken Kalguksu, and Goobne Chicken official websites)


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