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Sat Sep 18

Twice is back! What’s the beauty point of these goddesses?

2019-11-04 10:32:12
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] The best girl group that represents Korea, Twice, is back. Twice, always beloved by fans by conquering the music chart with every song they release, is back with their mini album ‘Feel Special’.

New song ‘Feel Special’ is a Miami house genre with dynamic mood that contains lyrics about how priceless each member is by being there for each other through hard time. It is going to send very special meaning. The viewing point is Twice’s visual along with dynamic and attractive performance. Where is the beauty point of Twice members, who is back with the new album?

Twice members, who came back next to us after long time, beauty blossom into different level each da it gives their audience a butterfly. Every member’s; Tzuyu, Nayeon, known as a center; Dahyun, Chaeyoung; beauty point is very high.

Twice members’ visual has each different charms and characteristics but if you are looking for a commonality among their look, it is their eyes. All members have big and profound eyes create image that can pull off any makeup and vibe.

If you want to chase after stars’, including Twice, visuals, we can tell that from Twice members’ shared characteristic, their ‘eyes’ are the point. You can’t self-made a god given double eye lids or profound eye line but for the shiny eyes, it is good to use eye specialized product on daily basis.

Since skin nearby eyes are more sensitive and easier to wrinkle compare to other parts, it is good to apply care product softly with no pressure on your hands; also, the makeup residual can severe dark circles and wrinkles, it is necessary to give thorough care in cleansing.

If you are jealous of stars profound and beautiful eyes but concern about eyes with no eyelids and no strength, considering eye correction could be a solution. Plastic Surgery’s director, Yoo Yeong Moon (Plastic Surgeon) said “Female can correct their eyes by makeup and wearing color lenses. But if you are not satisfied with the temporary measurement and want a fundamental image change, considering eye correction surgery could be a solution”.

So called “sleepy eyes”, dropping eye is a condition refer to condition when eye opening muscles are weakened, it creates on nerves that goes to the muscles. There are a lot of people worried from conditions from the weakening of eyelid lifting muscle, the eyes are opened smaller or sagging eyelid covers too much eyeballs. In this case, if you undergo eye correction surgery, you can change sleepy looking eyes to profound eyes.

Director, Yoo Young Moon says “Eye correction surgery isn’t just a simple beauty purpose surgery. In the case of droopy eye patients who use too much forehead or look sleepy when he or she is comfortably opening eyes, at the worst case, it could lead to a vision disability. Since the diagnosis of droopy eyes should be preceded, it is better to proceed with the operation after in-depth consultation with a specialist”.

For two consecutive years, JK Plastic Surgery Center have earned ‘excellent medical institute for foreign patients’ (by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare). It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis. Also, if you have certain country’s citizenship or speaks that certain language, a coordinator who is fluent in that language will be designated as one on one care. These coordinators are certified international medical tourism coordinator or passed certain standards such as one or more years of experience in international medical field. (Photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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