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Sat Sep 18

If You Want Perfect Knit Styling?

2019-11-14 09:01:24
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] There is a material that gains popularity as the weather gets colder. It is Knit. Knit, a woven garment made of thread, is especially beloved in autumn and winter because of its excellent warmth and convenience.

Knit is desirable during winter because it is warm; however, it is not a material for everyone. Since it is made by weaving threads, knit inevitably have a bulky look; it can also cause the body to show curves or look too much over fit, which can make the body to look swell. If so, is there any perfect way to pull off a knit look?

Especially to woman, the important component in perfect knit styling is their upper body. Since Knit reveals the silhouette of the body as it is, the chest area gets highlighted, so those who have troubled problem with the chest , the knit seems like out of reach and it makes them sad.

Especially, if you are someone who is considering re-surgery of breast surgery due to severe breast complex and experienced once but because of implant damage, size unsatisfactory, unbalanced and unsatisfied with implant location, and spherical development problem, you are more likely put into situation to choose knit.

If you want to build a body line that can wear anything during winter and wear swim swear however you like on summer vacation, the season like now, when you can hide your body underneath the thick clothes, is the best time to do re-surgery on breast.

It is essential to choose a hospital with more careful consideration when undergoing re-operation, as the patient who has already experienced a filed operation already. Not only should you choose the optimal implant for a more beautiful body line, but also, you must complete the ideal shape and volume by choosing the best implant and sue only product with high safety, durability, and fidelity. It is also good to check that the plastic surgeon is doing the surgery himself at the operation room that meets the international standard. Also, it is good to check if it is possible to return to daily life faster from rapid recovery by operating procedures such as minimum incision and minimum separation.

JK Plastic Surgery’s, located in heart of Korea, Gangnam, director, Kwon Soon Hong (Plastic Surgeon) said “When the weather gets colder, there are increasing number of people who visit hospital to fix their complex. Especially, in case of breast surgery, this is the perfect weather to cover the aftercare after the surgery with thick winter clothes. If you are one of those who were unsatisfied with the previous breast surgery, modifying the worries through breast re-surgery is a way to reduce stress”.

Director, Kwon Soon Hong answered four commonly asked questions from the patients when undergoing breast re-surgery. “In the case of re-surgery, we check the previous incision area to determine the incision part based on the current status. In case of severe scar, we may cut open the same part to remove the scar, depends on cases, we open up the different area” After explaining the surgery part, he added the explanation “In general, we recommend the re-surgery should take place checking the exact status 6 months to 1 year after the surgery. If you have problem such as damaged implant or inflammation, we could shorten the schedule” he explained the surgery period. Regarding the pain during re-surgery he said “in general, you may feel more pain compare to the first surgery, but since it may differ based on the status from the previous surgery, the detailed consultation is needed. We removed the blood pocket 2~3 days after the surgery”.

Following by 2017, in 2019 the trusted hospital, JK plastic surgery, have earned KAHF, Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients certifications again; It has Anesthesia specialist reside 24/7 with 24 hours reside nursery system and have CPR(emergency respond) team. It is doing their best to be safe plastic surgery center. Also, it has operation room that qualifies US FED Standard 209D to prepare for any safety regarding situations. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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