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Korea’s delivery culture that you didn’t know

2019-10-31 09:10:28
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Recently, the delivery industry, that allow you to order various menu in anyplace, is trending. Ordering delivery at the Han-river part may be unfamiliar to the foreigners. Nowadays, the age of anything is possible is here since people not only order coffee and dessert, but they order convenient store menu via delivery. We are introducing menu for people who are visiting Korea to must order

Korean Fried Chicken

The best menu among delivery food is of course the Fried Chicken. Because it is the menu beloved by everyone; if you are a Korean, you wouldn’t hate Fried Chicken. Nowadays, with endless new menu using various ingredients are coming out, it almost gives us a decision disability. Goobne Chicken led the oven roasted chicken’s trend by releasing unique menu such as ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’, ‘Galbi King Chicken’, ‘Mara Volcano Chicken’ and more.


On top of this, Goobne chicken release unique pizza menu. They are showing unique taste through ‘Sweet potato honey mellow pizza’ ‘Barbecue Chicken Volcano Pizza’ and ‘Grilled Beef Galbi-King Pizza’. Since they offer large size pizza for a reason price of 15,000 won, even if you order with the fried chicken, you can enjoy them around 30,000 won of great price. When you are ordering delivery food with friends and family, you can taste two menu at once without worrying about choosing multiple.

Coffee & Beverage

Along with the milk tea and tea variation, Gong Cha shows various menu such as coffee and juice. They provide customizing system that customer can individualize order by allowing different options such as five different toppings, sweetness and amount of ice. Gong Cha ‘where you can enjoy more than 60 variations, the best combination suggested by them is their signature menu: Black milk tea and Taro Milk tea with added pearl. If you want a sweeter drink, the chocolate milk tea with added milk foam is one of their recommended menu.


Now you can deliver bread. At Paris Baguette, they provide ‘PB delivery’ service where you can enjoy bread, cake and other bakery menu. The delivery only menu ‘Mukbang box’ is a box package with sandwich, salad and random bread, you can enjoy a full meal with the cheap price of 14,000 won.

Ice Cream

Since the cool ice cream deliver directly to your front porch of the house, you don’t have to step outside of the house to buy an ice cream. Baskin Robbins’ gift menu is a great package to enjoy with multiple people; ‘Hang pack set’ is a reasonable menu constitute with 4 pint, that allow you to order 3 flavors, is cheaper than ordering them separately. ‘Variety Pack’ is a menu that provide 6 flavors of singular ice cream into one package, it is a great menu to share among group. (Photo by GoobNe Chicken, Gong Cha, Paris Baguette, Baskin Robbins official page)


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