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Fri Sep 18

EXO Chanyeon vs X-EXO Chanyeon...Exo, coming back with official 6th album on the 27th

2019-11-20 10:21:41
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[by Ent team] Exo member Chanyeol’s teaser image is an issue follow by its release.
Prior to the official 6th album ‘OBESSION’s release, the teaser image of contradicting EXO Chanyeol, impactful eyes and high-quality visual, versus X-EXO Chanyeol, keen and deadly aura, can be seen via various EXO and X-EXO’s social media channel on the 13th.
On top of that, this album is going to be released via various music website on the 27th 6pm. Since the album contains total of 10 songs with different genre including title song ‘Obsession’ Korean and Chinese version, it is enough to meet once more matured EXO’s music world.
Also, the title song ‘OBSESSION’ is an impressive hip-hop dance song with repetitive vocal sample’s addictiveness like a spell and its heavy beats; the lyrics portrayed its will to get away from the persistent dark being in directive monologue structure.
On the other hand, EXO’s official 6th album ‘OBSESSION’ is released as record on the 27th, you can reserve purchase from different on, offline stores. (Photo: SM)


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