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Sat Sep 18

How does celebrities manage their scalp?

2019-11-28 09:35:20
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Rich hair is becoming one of the element that complete beautiful and great appearance like facial structure. As the balding population slowly increases, it is time to take care scalp a hair’s health. Celebrities on an official stage have various hair styles but also, each one of them boast rich styling. The secret to shine in long straight hair style is the rich hair. Various environmental factors may cause Sensitive scalp, dry scalp and oily scalp; in the unpredictable weather like this, it is necessary to give self-care with home care. Let’s fine out the scalp care method for rich hair and healthy scalp like celebrities.

▶ How do you care the scalp?

Scalp can be sensitive or provoked aging due to various elements. The biggest cause is the stress; it cause premature balding and weaken scalp health. Not only balding but the reason for make of sensitive scalp is unbalanced diet, sleeping pattern, diet, weaken immune system and others. Rather than scalp and hair’s problem, it is considered as body’s problem. Thus, if you are suspicious of scalp disease or weaken scalp health, it is important to strengthen not only the hair and scalp management, but also, the body immune system.

▶If you want the shiny hair texture

If you want shiny and glaring hair texture, the first thing to do is use correct hair product based on your scalp and hair condition. Also, if you have done the frequent hair dye, bleach, perm and others for the unique hair style, you have to supply enough nutrition’s to the hair and scalp. After the frequent styling change, you have to add nutrients to sensitive hair and scalp such as scalp scaling. Especially, depend on the scalp skin condition, you have to choose and use the correct shampoo accordingly such as balding scalp, oily scalp, sensitive scalp, dry scalp and others.

::: Use specialty shop product at home! Scalp hair care management specialized center brand HA’SOL mall 

Brand HA’SOL shown us oily line, sensitive line, dry line, anti-hair loss line, HA’SOL rim line, waterful therapy, Denovo 3+H, anti-hairloss ample, Denovo Scaling H, Anagen line, Clean line and others. Especially, Anagen scalp line, effective for balding scalp, and Scalp line, effective for oily and trouble scalp, are high in demand.

It is an aesthetic based product with somewhat price but with its great function and non-provocative component, the number of customers inquire the product is increasing rapidly; Especially, when the word of mouth, saying it is an environmental product effective in hair loss prevention and scalp management, the sales went improved rapidly.

The brand representative said “As we run the well-known skin beauty aesthetic shop in Busan Seomyeon, we felt the urge of creating better product for the customer and that’s why we started the company. We may not have enough sale from the market but we contracted various public institute’s research project that helped us gain sale and technology. Even though it is somewhat expensive, it is consistently beloved by the customers who want effective product. We are planning to show various products in the future”.


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