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Sun Jul 12

Mamamoo, Will they become signature K-pop girl group

2019-11-29 14:45:00
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[by Ent team]  girl group Mamamoo proved their global popularity on US billboard chart.

According to the US Billboard, Mamamoo’s new song ‘HIP’ have entered the top 5 world digital song sales chart and its official 2nd album ‘reality in Black’ also show the power of taking the world album chart 11th.

Especially, the Mamamoo’s world digital song chart entry is proved its powerful global influence. It is the fifth time this year, starting from Hwasa’s solo debut song that release February, ‘Twit’, ‘gogobebe’ and Wheein’s solo song ‘Good Bye’, ‘Destiny’.

Like this, Mamamoo not only took over the Korea, but also over sea charts; showing its position as a K-pop representing girl group, showing its leading global influence.

Mamamoo’s official album ‘reality in BLACK’ contains wide musical spectrum you can only meet from Mamamoo, and you can meet the once grown Mamamoo’s side.

The title song ‘HIP’ is a song that has harmony of rhythmical brass and beat that has bouncy string sound; Mamamoo’s hip performance provide the strong addictiveness with swaggy lyrics.

On the other hand, Mamamoo is continuing its active work with their new song ‘HIP’ (Photo: RBW)


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