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‘Ashfall’ Bae Suzy, “It was lonely because there were many solo scenes”

2019-11-29 14:58:32
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[By Lim Hyun Joo /  Photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Bae Suzy shared her remarks on acting.

In the morning of November 19th, a production report of ‘Ashfall’ (Director Lee Hae Jun, Kim Byeong Seo) was held at Apgujeong CGV, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Lee Hae Jun, Kim Byung Seo, actors Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Jeon Hye Jin, and Bae Suzy attended the scene.

On this day, Bae Suzy said “I think I can show you different side of me from ‘Vagabond’. I could show you the image of going against the disaster. It was lonely because there were many solo scenes. When I had shooting with the seniors, I could shoot the scene with better energy”

“Ashfall” is a movie telling the story of people who must stop the last eruption of Paektu Mountain, an unprecedented disaster that will take over both South and North Korea. Based on the provocative imagination of Paektu Mountain is gathering anticipation with fresh combination of Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong seok, Jeon Hye jin and Bae Suzy.

Meanwhile, movie ‘Ashfall’ is going to release on December.


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