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Sat Sep 18

Care TIP to get rid of hair loss concern

2019-11-29 16:27:09
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The daily routine with consistent tiredness, overeating, irregular eating habit, not working out and others can cause hair loss. Also various environmental factors such as fine dust, that endanger scalp and hair health, become a reason to promote balding and it endanger scalp health. Since couple years ago, with the increasing number of hair loss within 2030, the scalp management’s importance become an issue and the importance of care such as Scalp Scaling through scalp specialized clinic is emphasized.

There are many types of hair loss that are intensified due to congenital and acquired causes. The most commonly seen hair loss, M-shaped hair loss, circular hair loss to bangs hair loss cause significant stress. How do you manage hair loss that could lead to social phobia in the worst case?

*Improve Daily habit

The first thing for the scalp health is to do shampoo properly. The excessive of shampoo is harmful toward scalp health, it is smart to use appropriate amount of shampoo not just using excessive amount. It is excellent for scalp health to get enough Shampoo to create foam and then evenly spread all over the hair to massage the scalp using fingertips, rather than scraping the scalp with fingernails. In addition, since, fine dust and contaminants can stick to the scalp that may cause disease, it is effective to shampoo in the evening.

If you continuously consume fast food, it could destroy hair root’s health. By reducing the food that promotes hair loss and switching diet to black bean, sea algae and green vegetable is helpful. Scalp heat due to stress is also a cause that leads to hair loss, so it is necessary to take care of the lifestyle throughout to improve the scalp condition.

*Professional management through scalp clinic

Clinics are also popular for the professional care of hair and scalp in cold weather. Because you can enjoy much more effective result through 1:1 consultation about hair and scalp concerns with Scalp Scaling. Haesol hair scalp clinic from brand Ecomind, that provides solutions for healthy scalp and hair, is a professional hair scalp management center established based on years of human testing and nature friendly hair scalp management solution development. It provides unique scalp management to people who worry about M shaped balding, alopecia area and crown hair loss since it is a shop that gives proper management and right product based on individuals scalp characteristics.

Haesol Scalp Clinics Mia Branch Yoon Hee Jeong Director said “Due to the increasing number of hair loss population, there are many people who visit us for the scalp care such as scalp scaling, I recommend Haesol as a professional scalp clinic you can experience eco-friendly scalp management system through 1:1 specialized consultation. During cold winter, you have to do thoroughly care the stimulated scalp. In order to give effective management it is smart to use professional scalp clinic”.


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