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Tue Apr 07

Non-stopping Mukbang sensation, rising popular three Mukbang Youtuber

2019-11-28 12:09:06
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[by Jeong Hye Jin] ‘Mukbang’ is referring to the eating content streaming. Mukbang, that has become worldwide popular content since 2010, become a familiar material to us. The ASMR mukbang that intrigue our ears to mukbang that added visual fun by creating mega food. Let’s focus on three popular Mukbang Youtubers who intrigue subscribers with various contents.

Moon Boki, Eat with Boki / Goobne Mara Volcano Mukbang

Moon Bok-hee is a popular YouTuber with 1.56 million subscribers as of November starting from first video, Pork Cutlet real sound Mukbang, from this year April. The biggest charm of hers is the real sound that makes us drool. So called “One bite only” , that eats food in one bite with big spoon, is the point that Moon Boki Mukbang has.

Recently, she created issue by uploading Goobne Original and Pepper Crispy Chicken video. The video shows the sound of crispy baked chicken on the outside and moist inside, showing over 1 million hot reactions. Viewers who saw the video send hot reactions such as “She is eating really deliciously” “Pepper Crispy is really good...”.

Dorothy / Songju Fire cold noodle Mukbang.

If you have been following Mukbang, you have heard of Mukbang Youtuber Dorothy with more than 354 million subscribers at least once. Unlike her petite look, she usually shows hot and spicy food mukbang. Especially, she is leading variety of hot food trend; she could be called as hot food world’s trend setter. 

Dorothy Channel's Songju Fire Cold Noodle Mukbang recorded more than 9.92 million views, and it is said that it has continued to attract reactions even after a year after uploading. Besides that, Chinese glass noodle, Cheongju Crazy dumpling, Daejon Silvi Kimchi and other types of spicy food’s trend. Recently, she is dragging people’s attention with various mukbang besides spicy food such as king crab mukbang and lobster mukbang.

YAMMoo / Mega food Mukbang

YouTube YAMMoo is drawing attentions with contents that are different from the existing food. He is a talented Youtuber who makes all kinds of foods from packaging to making food by himself. Recently, his channel is adding fun by reproducing the shape and texture of snacks, jelly, ramen, and dog food that are on the market. 

Viewers send cheerful comments ‘The size is amazing, but it is impressive to make the product like the original’ ‘ no one is this dedicated, ‘he is amazing, and I respect him.’ ‘Not only the shape but the package and food quality are same. It is amazing’”. (photo by Moon Boki, Dorothy, YAMMoo YouTube)


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