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Sat Sep 18

ILUILY, 60% all product sale as the Black Friday Event

2019-12-02 13:28:57
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ILUILY, the scalp and body care brand, is hosting 60% shocking sale Black Friday Event.

ILUILY’s signature line, the hair line, is released in total four types, it is known for allowing users to pick and choose depends on the scalp and hair’s condition. It is constitute of yellow, green, purple, and pink color; besides shampoo, you can purchase hair specialized product such as scalp specialized perfume, hair essence and more for reasonable price.

The body care line that launched last summer can be meet during Black Friday Event for shocking price. The body products that contains brand’s unique sentiment and technology is constitute of body wash, body lotion and body mist. It is well known product as body lotion and body wash with great scent, it has an elegant scent from lemon and ginger extract while excellent for back acne and arm pit acne with its long lasting moisture power.

The ILUILY representative revealed that they are launching big event to celebrate Black Friday “This even is unprecedented event and we don’t plan to have another event in the future like this.” The Black Friday Event is proceeding until the November 30th and you can find more details on its official webpage.


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