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Mon Aug 10

Davichi, release new song -> hosting end of the year concert

2019-12-06 12:23:06
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[by Ent team] Davichi have released the moving lyric teaser of the new song ‘Dear.’

On November 28 at noon (12 o'clock), Davichi posted a digital single ``Dear. '' ‘s Lee Hae Ri's Moving Lyric Teaser, which increased anticipations for the comeback.

In the released teaser, Lee Hae Ri is wearing an orange color clothes and have warm vibe. Also the lyrics ‘Some times when I look back to the moment when I was young, in the whole world / I will miss the past moment when you and I, just two of us were there’ on top of warm and dynamic melody have released, catching people’s eyes.

Like this, by released the moving lyric teaser follow by the teaser image with warm sentiment, Davichi have increased the anticipation toward the new song ‘Dear.’.

Davichi is releasing the new song ‘Dear,’ on December 3rd. After the previously released song in May ‘Unspoken Word’, it is a new song after 7 months. Davichi’s once more deepen sentiment will color this winter.

Especially, if ‘Unspoken Word’ contained clean sentiment, new song ‘Dear.’ is anticipated to be the winter version of ‘Unspoken Word’ that contains calm and warm sentiment.

Moreover, Davichi is going to host the 3 consecutive day end of the year concert ‘Davichi concert’, between December 13~ 15th, and planning to spend the end of unarresting 2019 warmly with their fans.

On the other hand, Davichi is releasing digital single ‘Dear.’ for the first time on December 3rd, 6pm through various music websites. (Photo: Stone Music Entertainment)


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