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Sat Sep 18

Elegance for Hallyu stars? It is determined by the ‘Volume’

2019-12-13 11:56:03
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] Hallyu stars, who are famous for their excellence in beauty, get a lot of love from people around the world and stand tall as the world stars. Though there are many reasons why they are popular among the people such as excellent acting ability, excellent looks, surprising senses in fashion and beauty, their common points are that they are basically all elegant.

Any women who want to be chic, elegant and beautiful would want to look like them. Let’s not forget that if you want to get the beauty and elegance like the stars, what is important is the ‘volume’. Then, what kinds of method would there be to make you stand out with the volume?

If you want to make the voluminous face, you should take care of the lifting for the face which is easy to sag as you get old. If the face sags due to aging, you may look far different from the voluminous and elegant face.

To keep the fact vibrant and elastic but not to get hardened, you need to make the facial exercises by making your mouth look like when you say “Ah, E, I, O, and U”. When you apply the basic creams on your face, try to apply it from below to upper as if you massage your face so that the face does not sag.

You can manage your ‘volume’ by doing the make-up. If you have any part on our face, which you want to hide or alleviate, you need to apply the darker products than your facial color such as shading. On the other hand, if you need to make a part look distinct or well, such as nose ridge, forehead or front cheek, you need to apply the light toned highlight products.

Especially, if you are concerned about the less voluminous face, you need to apply the highlighter product on that part, which would make the part look plumb, thereby helping you to get the satisfactory makeup. 

You may temporary solve the problem of volume by using a few anti-aging method or make-ups which can be simply made at home. But if you want to solve the problem of volume in a more basic way, you need to get the long-term volume to look beautiful.

Dr. Kwon Sun-Hong, president of Korea’s JK Plastic Surgery (specialty: plastic surgery) advised, “To make the elegant beauty, it is critical to focus on the ‘volume’. If you are not satisfied with any make-up or other ways to complement it, the method of making volume on your face through the transplantation of fat is one of the ways you should consider.”

The fat transplantation is to get the pure fat from the area of your body such as belly or buttock and then put it in the area on the face where the volume needs. It is the effective surgery which makes your face look voluminous and at the same time get the pretty baby face.

Dr. Kwon Sun-Hong further says “If you are concerned about the face which is a little hollow according to you get old, the fat transplantation is a good way of solving the problem. As it uses the fat which is acquired from other area of your body, the critical point is that you need to get the in-depth consultation from the experienced doctor to determine proper surgery method and extent.

Designated as an excellent medical institute which is good at attracting the patient from overseas by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for two years in a row from 2017, JK Plastic Surgery puts emphasis on the accurate analysis and diagnosis by using the “one-stop preoperative examination”. In the institution, there is always a doctor specializing in the anesthesia and is an operation room in compliance with the US FED’s Standard 209D. In addition, it has CPR team in preparation for the possible emergency and the emergency kits. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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