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Mon Aug 10

‘Killed My Wife’ Kim Ha Ra Director “Lee Si Eon is an actor good at acting everyday life”

2019-12-20 15:59:52
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Kim Ha Ra director shared us the reason why he casted Lee Si Eon

The preview for the film "I Killed My Wife " (Director Kim Ha RA) was held at CGV I-Park Mall in Yongsan, Seoul on December 5. Director Kim Ha ra, actors Lee Si Eon, Ahn Nae Sang and Wang Ji Hye attended the event
On this day Kim Ha Ra director said “The role of Jeong Ho, I was looking for an actor who sometimes looks handsome but somewhat average and sometimes look like a loser. Lee Si Eon fall under the category. I thought he was an actor who can do great daily life acting. People around me worried about his ‘I Live Alone’ image; but I thought that was better. His friendly image went great with the role.” Explained the reason for the casting.

‘I Killed My Wife’ is based on the popular Webtoon in 2010 with same title by Author HeeNaRee. It is a black out thriller tells the story of the man who lost his memory from previous day from drinking, Jeong Ho (Lee Si Eon), became a suspect for killing his wife Mi Young (Wang Ji Hye). 

On the Other hand, movie ‘I Killed My Wife’ will released on December 11th


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