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Sat Sep 18

If you want unchanging beauty like Korea’s most well-known young-looking stars, Kim Tae Hee- Lee Young Ae- Ha Ji Won?

2019-12-23 10:46:44
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] Young looking means that you look younger than your age. Since the age of increased life expectancy have arrived, young looking face, despite of the age, become an eye catching element. There is a saying that everyone’s soul is young whether you are young or old. It is everyone’s dream to look young just like people in 20s despite of aging each year.

In that context, stars who have exceptional young looking face draw attention within celebrity community that draws people’s admiration. People who have young looking beauty on top of their beautiful look. What are the know-hows to maintain unchanging beauty like Korea’s most well-known young looking star Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae and Ha Ji Won and their anti-aging method?

Among self-revealed methods by three most well-known celebrities in Korea, there are many simple and easy methods. Lee Young Ae, who is known as the most well-known young looking star with clear crystal like skin, says that her method is use excess amount of oil and moisturizing cream.

Kim Tae Hee, who is the mother of two children after marrying singer Rain, show herself at the event venue of one Korean brand to start the signal of her return. Despite of being a mother, Kim Tae Hee, who boast her unchanging beauty, said her secret is to not touch the face often and give frequent face wash.

Actress Ha JI Won, who is always with us with unchanging look since her debut, is also a well-known young looking celebrity. Ha Ji Won said her habit of frequent face wash, facial moisturizing and eliminating various dust and excess as her secret to young looking.

As we can see that star’s young looking secrets are daily habits that we can easily apply. If everyday people realize the importance of cleansing and moisturizing and proceed home aesthetics constantly, it is possible to give skin care management like the ones celebrities does.

First, try to avoid skipping cleansing steps from laziness. If you leave waste, oil, and various makeup residue on your face then fall asleep, it is easy to cause problem such as many troubles and causing wrinkles. Also, it is important to make the face to be not dry by applying moisturizing cream and face oil. If the face is dry, it is easy to get wrinkled and from the oil and moisture balance destruction, it is easy to get various trouble. Moisturizing is the most important step for the great skin.

If you are one of those people who wants to see a complete anti-aging effect since the formed wrinkled and sagging face that are not easily modifying from celebrities’ anti-aging method, considering face lift could be a solution.

Director, Kim Seong Sick (plastic surgeon) of JK Plastic Surgery in Korea, who is known for anti-aging surgery, gives advice “In order to complete the young looking style, efforts in daily routine such as exercising, eating habit and thorough skin care is needed. But if you are under severe stress from progressed aging, it will be more effective to have surgery such as lifting”.

Face lifting has an effect of completely modifying the fundamental cause of aging; deep wrinkle. It is one of the recommended anti-aging surgery if you want to improve the overall facial wrinkles or improve aging cheek and chin sagging or if the facial wrinkle improvement is difficult from other method such as string lifting.

Director, Bae Joon Sung said “There are increasing number of foreign patients who visit us to be like Korean star’s unchanging young-looking beauty. Since the anti-aging surgery have to consider the level of aging and type of aging by each individual not undergoing the same surgery method, it is good to select the hospital and the doctor to perform the surgery.

For two consecutive years, JK Plastic Surgery Center have earned ‘excellent medical institute for foreign patients’ (by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare).It is located in heart of Korea Seoul Apgujeong and it is a hospital that foreigners can trust from its certification on safeties. It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis. Also, if you have certain country’s citizenship or speaks that certain language, a coordinator who is fluent in that language will be designated as one on one care. These coordinators are certified international medical tourism coordinator or passed certain standards such as one or more years of experience in international medical field. (photo: JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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