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Sat Sep 18

From the hair loss clinic to total skincare ‘Ecomine’

2019-12-23 14:09:03
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[by Jung Hye Jin] If there is a visible body change when the season enters the complete winter, which is going to be a skin change. We tend to look for moisturizing product due to dry and crisp skin; also, we care about hair care because of lots of hair gets loss. It is common to have various body change that comes with the weather change but if you lose hair more than the usual, you may suspect that it could be a hair loss.

Hair loss has different types and symptoms such as alopecia neurotica, genetics, hair loss cause by sebum’s quality issues. Since it happens from the various reasons, in order to modify the symptoms and make it better, you need a help from the specialist. Among the various hair loss clinic products on the market, you have to choose the right product depends on the cause and symptom.

‘Ecomine’ is a company established on the basis of reasonable cost, scalp program based on types and high expertise to reflect the market expansion, customer demands and its needs promoted by the hair loss population of more than 10 million. Since the opening of the scalp management center in 2002, it established Ecomine scalp hair technology center to start research in 2008; it is providing unique and customize management from manufacturing to sales. Recently, it launched the emotional beauty brand ‘ILUILY’ and expanding its territory from shampoo, body care; it is looking forward to launch skin care sector next year.

Ecomine is operating franchise under the brand ‘Haesol hair scalp clinics’. With its 18 years of Scalp management center operation know-how, it is providing the solution to hair loss while providing high functioning scalp that contains natural energy. It is receiving a great reaction from customers by opening two locations this year in Lotte Department stores (Gangnam and Daejeon).

The company is manufacturing ‘Haesol’ ‘Pilaso’ ‘Angel Around’ ‘Be Influenced by Nature’ and other hair care products itself. The shampoo solution brand for the different scalp type, ‘Haesol’. is a brand that provides various hair care products for hair loss symptom moderation, oily scalp, sensitive scalp, dry scalp and many more. The professional line ‘Pilaso’ is a head spa specialized brand; it is launching various professional products such as ‘BB Smart Zoom’, a scalp measuring product treatment system. ‘Angel Around’, an extreme damaged hair care hair salon professional solution, is a brand helps restoration of damaged hair with shocking pot, shocking butter and hair pack.

‘Be Influenced by Nature’ is a naturalism hair dye center that dyes hair healthy and beautifully by gathering the power of herb and grain energy from the nature. It is a hypoallergenic dye that contains natural extracts and is differentiated from existing dyes; not only it covers the white hair with the low stimulus dye but also it allows you to dye hair to natural hair color. Also, the natural white hair cover exclusive dye brand ‘Teamic SPA color’ is a no stimulation dye that is differentiated from the previous chemical dye. It allows natural coloring by containing herb and grain powder and currently it is very popular.

It also showed the high quality product power and simple design by launching the unique beauty brand that stimulates emotions ‘ILUILY’. Under the motto of ‘love your own color’, it is getting a great response from the consumers with its young sense through various products such as hair, body care, odor perfume and others. Its signature product, ILUILY shampoo line is constitute of four different colors, pink, yellow, purple and green; it contains functions of moisture recharge, hair volume, deep cleansing and scalp soothing. The refreshing and moist body lemon and ginger body care line is sometimes selected as a healing item that completes the moist skin without stretching feeling.


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