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Sat Sep 18

If you find a reliable overseas hospital? The keyword is KAHF!

2019-12-26 09:39:31
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] Getting diagnosis and surgery from the country with high level of medical technology, trustworthy hospital and thorough medical staff is an ideal state that everyone dreams of.

Due to various reasons, if you decided to get treated in other country than your country, it is the top priority to find the safest hospital. Then, what are the criteria for choosing a trustworthy hospital in abroad. How could we proceed a satisfying abroad treatment in which perspective?

Among many countries, if you decided to get a surgery in Korea where it has high level of medical technology, against all odds, you can easily pick a good hospital. If you know the keyword KAHF.

KAHF is an acronym Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare on medical institute that host foreign patients. They are certified for its service quality and patient’s safety from the foreign patients acquire medical institution certification facility.

Following by 2017, in 2019 the trusted hospital that received Gangnam-gu, the heart of capital of Korea Seoul, excellent co-opt institution award for hosting foreign patients JK plastic surgery, have earned KAHF, Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients certifications again;

The certifications was made to increase global competitiveness and trust by judging and selecting medical institutes that provide great service and safe treatment environment to the foreign patients. Patient safety, surgery / treatment management, anesthesia sedation management, infection management system, drug management, etc. are evaluated directly by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to select a certain level or higher institute. In particular, hospitals that caused social problems such as death of patients are not allowed to apply for evaluation, and items that are directly related to patient safety have to get approved in order to pass the certification. It is the world-class certification systems.  JK Plastic Surgery center have acquired above necessary scores on every mandated criteria.

The hospital is visited by patients from more than 100 countries; more than 70% of the patients are foreign patients. It carries out differentiated hospital operations, including multi language web page for the foreign patients, multi-language agreements, operation room design for the patient’s safety, the establishment of patient safety system and more.

Also, if you have certain country’s citizenship or speaks that certain language, a coordinator who is fluent in that language will be designated as one on one care. These coordinators are certified international medical tourism coordinator or passed certain standards such as one or more years of experience in international medical field. (photo JK Plastick Surgery Clinic, bnt DB)


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