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Winter, the short hair styling

2020-01-02 12:57:24
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Long winter with the prolonging cold weather. If you live under the thick clothes, you start to feel the limit of the styling and wants to give some change into it. During this season, the first thing we think of is the hair styling change. Among hair styling, we try different attempts such as giving change to the color or getting perm. If it is hard to give fresh look due to damaged hair texture after various trials, why don’t you try a new look with short hair styling. Short hair has the advantage of shorter drying time, quicker and easier styling than long hair. Even so, if you are having a hard time in styling, let’s look into celebrities’ short hair styling. We are introducing celebrities who became many people’s icon with their prefect short hair.

Looking cute with the voluminous hair, Park Eun Bin

Actress Park Eun Bin, who is continuing her acting career after debuting through drama ‘Winter Nights’. Recently she is firing up the home theater on drama ‘Hot Stove League’ as an operations manager of the baseball team ‘Dreams’, Lee Sae Young. She is getting a great feedback with her stable acting ability by working with actor Namgoog Min. Park Eun Bin is showing her cute, bubbly and active charm with her short hair styling that comes to her chin line at the Drama ‘Hot Stove League’. Its point is giving some sort of curl feeling. Also with the short bang, she completed the style with the volume.

Small head short hair styling, Park Bo Young

Actress Park Bo Young become one of the top stars based on the solid acting ability by debuting as a child actor of the drama ‘Secret Campus’. Recently, she went to rest to cure arm injuries and it caused many fans' disappointment. Park Bo Young, who is sharing her recent news through her personal streaming, have expressed Park Bo Young, who is also active as Goobne Chicken exclusive model, showed her cute and bubbly charm with the short hair styling on the commercial. When she eat the delicious chicken on the Goobne Chicken TVCF ‘Galbi King’ episode, that recreated the traditional grilled galbi taste, she makes us want to eat the chicken with her. Park Bo Young, who showed us the big smile with the big chicken leg, is already well known as the ‘Mukbang Angel’. The word on the street said through her mukbang, the popular item ‘Goobne original’ and ‘Goobne Gabi King’ have got more popular.

Chic and sophisticated, Shin Mina

Shin Mina, who debut as a magazine model and show her perfect 8th proportional body line. Afterward, she is walking a successful actress’s way by going on the movies and drama. Recently, her concentrating acting with actor Lee Jeong Jae at drama ‘Chief of Staff’ become an issue. On the drama ‘Chief Of Staff’, Shin Mina played the congresswoman Kang Sun Young; she created the sophisticated and chic vibe short hair in order to show the ambition of the first elected congresswoman. She completed the short hair styling that makes us to follow by giving a simple styling with no bang. If you want to give change with chic hair, you should look into it. (photo drama ‘Chief Of Staff 2’ / ‘Hot Stove League’ Official Page/ Park Bo Young V-Live / Goobne chicken commercial capture)


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