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Tue Apr 07

What’s the best food that goes great with the beer?

2020-01-02 13:21:42
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Everyone has different ways to finish their days. There could be a lot of people who are satisfied with taking a hot bath, playing game or just sleeping. But if you are an adult, the best thing we can all agree is a pint of beer with a great bite. The key word ‘Solo-dinning’ and ‘solo-drinking’ become popular and used to be a way to go. ‘Solo drinking’ after work can’t be given up because it is picked as one of the biggest healing method. We would like to introduce the delicious bites that goes great with the can of beer for those who had a rough work day to enjoy their night.

# Orion ‘Chic Nacho’

We would like to introduce a simple bite for the fulfilling beer. You can enjoy food without any additional cooking. Nacho that is tastier when you are hungry, becomes nuttier once you chew on them. Its appropriate saltiness makes the beer tastier. If you feel like something is lacking from the nacho, why don’t you enjoy them with the nacho cheese sauce.  It is made with finely grind whole corn; it is nutty. Also it is cooked in the oven once and being fried immediately afterward; which makes it much crunchy. You can enjoy various tastes such as cheese dipping sauce, salsa sauce, hot mara flavor and more. (photo Orion Official Homepage)

# Real Crabs

IF you want to drink beer but if you are concerned about the calories, I recommend real crabs that is with less calories. The only red crab caught in the East Sea is carefully selected while not adding the four ingredients to make it healthy. (photo Dongwon F&B official homepage)

#Peacock Cajun fries

I would like to introduce Pecock’s Cajun fries that is beloved by everyone. They developed the taste and texture that Koreans love through the join research between Korea and the United States. It’s spicy but not stimulus taste made by utilizing seasoning made with garlic and onion. Cajun’s salty taste promotes addictiveness. (photo Peacock official homepage)

# Domino Pizza’s Octopus bomb shrimp

The age of eating pizza and coca cola is gone. Beer and pizza is the way to go. Let’s enjoy the taste of ocean with the Domino pizza’s octopus bomb shrimp. The combination of the soft roasted octopus and firm shrimp emphasizes the pizza’s umami taste. (photo domino pizza’s official homepage)

# Goobne Galbi King Chicken

It is a roasted chicken not a regular fired chicken. Goobne’s galbi king suggest the new paradigm of fried chicken by recreating the traditional grilled galbi’s taste. The combination of sweet galbi sauce and chicken is great as a side dish for a rice. Why don’t you enjoy the soft chicken with the beer? (photo Goobne chicken official homepage)

#Goobne Volcano Chicken

If you want more stimulating chicken, we recommend volcano. Volcano chicken, it will destroy the day’s stress with delicious sweet sauce and soft meat, is one of the king of the night snack menu. It is good to get the stress away with the hot spicy chicken that goes great with the beer. (photo Goobne chicken official homepage)


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