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Sun Jul 12

‘Start-up’ is about to pass 2 Millions

2020-01-03 15:56:31
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[Entertainment Team] ‘Start-up’ continues to be a hot hit with a breakthrough of 2 million this week amid the steady increase in seat sales rates this Christmas season.

The movie ‘Start-up (Director Choi Jung-yeol)’ is a production that portray the story of frustrated rebel, Taek il (Park Jung Min), who met an unidentified short-haired chef, ‘Geo Seok Hyeong’ (Ma Dong Seok), and ‘Sang Pil’ (Jeong In), an enthusiastic rebel who jumped into a the society.

‘Startup ’, which invigorates the audience with a cheerful energy this winter, has continued to increase the sales rate of Christmas season, and it has about to reach 2 million this week.

From 23rd Monday (Wednesday) to 25th (Wednesday), which is Christmas Week, the number of seat sales is increasing at 16.5%, 39,9%, and 66%. In particular, as the seat sales rate represents the actual audience share among all assigned seats, it attracts attention by demonstrating the high satisfaction of the audience toward ‘start-up’.

It is currently playing on the theaters (Photo Credit: NEW)

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