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Fri Sep 18

Red Velvet ‘Psycho’, winning two awards on the Gaonchart

2020-01-16 13:16:57
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[Ent team] Red Velvet won the two consecutive awards on the Gaonchart.

Red Velvet’s repackage album ‘The ReVE Festival Finale’ won the first place of album chart on the weekly Gaon chart (Dec 22 - 28). Their title song ‘Psycho’ won the first place of downloaded chart- showing their musical and album power.

Moreover, Red Velvet’s repack album is constituting of 16 songs with colorful genre including a cool & sweet song ‘Psycho’. It is gaining a hot reaction such as winning the regional first place of ITunes top album chart in 44 regions in the world and winning the first place of Korea weekly music chart.

Also title song ‘Psycho’ not only won the weekly music chart but also it proved its global popularity by winning the various chart such as Billboard world digital song sales chart, China QQ music music- video Chart, Kugou music & Kuwo music K-pop new song chart, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia KKBOX K-pop single chart.

On the other hand, Red Velvet’s repackage album ‘The ReVE Festival Finale’ released last December 23rd. (Photo Credit: SM Entertainment)

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