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Fri Sep 18

‘Inception’, confirmed reopening to commemorate its 10th year... releasing the teaser poster

2020-01-16 13:31:12
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[Ent team] SF Blockbuster “Inception” have finalized its reopening and released its teaser poster.

Movie ‘Inception (director Christopher Nolan)’ is a SF Blockbuster that portrayed director Christopher Nolan’s endless imagination. It released right after he was praised the ‘Batman’ reboot series ‘Batman Begins’ ‘The Dark Knight’ When it opened, it gathered 5.83 million audiences in Korea with its quality and entertainment.

It starts from the remarkable imagination of stealing thought from inside the movie it received the public and critics support with its perfectly unique thrill, action, story, colorful scene, debate about the ending, trend of re-watching movie X times, various parodies.

The released teaser poster with the news of reopening has a title ‘INCEPTION’, placed in between the maze-like buildings, that takes our eyes. And the copy write of ‘Are you ready to get into the dream’ make us excite about incident surrounding infiltrating into the target through dream in the movie and its dramatic stories of each characters.

In addition, the incredible casting that is not the different from 10 years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, attracts our attention. The overwhelming masterpiece ‘Inception’, in directing, screenplay, casting, acting, visual beauty, and OST, will be reunited in the theater, and the explosive reaction of movie fans is expected to continue. ‘Inception’ that shared its re-release news can be meet on Lotte Cinema on January 29th. (Photo Credit: D Station)

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