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Fri Sep 18

Closet ‘Ha Jung Woo’, “We referred other mystery drama... we thought of what is ours”

2020-01-16 13:43:20
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[by Kim Young Jae / Photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Ha Jung-woo said he was thinking about the novelty of "Closet" in his reference to other movies. an effort to avoid genre parallels.

On the 2nd, the production report of the movie ‘Closet (director Kim Kwang Bin)’was held at CGV Apgujeong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea.

‘Closet’ is a mystery drama telling the story of father, looking for his daughter after the daughter disappeared from the new house, meeting a mysterious man who claims he knows about the secret of the incident.

Especially, ‘Closet’ is Ha Jung Woo’s fourth production that he created. Ha Jung Woo explained the preproduction process “We made every mystery drama; even the cuts to be our guide”. He made us wonder that what kinds of efforts they have put into avoid the genre similarities and what is the new thing only belongs to ‘Closet’. To the reporter’s question, Ha Jung Woo answered “There are numerous movie and drama that share the same content and genre. But not only we imitate a part from it but also we get inspiration and thin of our own new thing from the previous contents”.

The unique thing about ‘Closet’ is that one of the main character’s expression when he has an anxiety attack. Ha Jung Woo said “we created the actual moving set to portray the moment like a fantasy. When we portray the moment with the actual movement, not the CGI, it was very refreshing”.

On the other hand, movie ‘Closet’ is going to be release by sometime February.

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